Mike Rogers On Russia: Put Up Or Shut Up

Former House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers suggested Monday on CNN that it’s time to move on from the Russia investigations.

Rogers, now a National Security Commentator at CNN, was responding to a question from host John Berman about a Democrat-controlled House possibly re-opening the Russia investigation.

“At some point, and you know where I’ve stood on all of this: I believe that Mueller should have the freedom to do the investigation; the IG report on both what the FBI did and what the Russians were up to — all of that is really important. At some point you have to stop. This has been going on for a long time. So my argument to Mueller is, if you have some evidence here, let’s go. Bring it out. Let’s deal with it. If not, at some point, you have to stop the eternal investigations that have been surrounding this.”


Rogers continued, “So the investigations that have happened on the Intel Committee already have been, candidly, quite partisan. And partisan in nature both from the Democrats and the Republicans. If it switches you’re going to get more of the same. And I don’t know how that’s helpful to the country moving on and trying to heal itself. And then actually producing something that would stop the Russians from interfering in our elections.”

The sage, intellectually honest insight is obviously not what the uniformly anti-Trump hosts and producers at CNN want to hear. Had Rogers encouraged continuing the conspiracy theory sideshow that’s consumed media and Democrats for Trump’s entire Presidency, then Berman likely would have endorsed the view or even explored it further. But since he didn’t, an apparently disappointed Berman instead ended the segment immediately with a simple “Mr. Chairman, Mike Rogers, great to have you with us. Thank you very much.”


John Berman is an anti-Trump propagandist masquerading as an impartial journalist, and he contributes greatly to CNN being the least watched and least trusted name in news. Examples here and here.


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