Prediction: Jake Tapper Will Seek Credibility By Attacking Jim Comey

Jake Tapper on Thursday afternoon will interview James Comey in what CNN has spent the week accurately promoting as “Comey’s first live interview.”

With the interview set to run about two hours from now, I’m ready to tell you exactly what to expect…

Tapper will use this interview as an opportunity to earn credibility with his center and right-minded audiences. A talented interviewer and debater, Tapper will use his skills and experience to bludgeon Comey in to a bashful state of almost uniform submission.

But all is not what it seems.

I’ve long noted that CNN is the most egregious of all the cable news networks because while Fox News and MSNBC admit their partisan leanings, CNN claims to be impartial.

I’ll now add that Tapper is the most egregious of all the CNN hosts because despite being the most personally invested in his own liberal bias, he still garners credibility from the right as being above the fray. He’s considered by many — like Jonah Goldberg, John Podhoretz, Seth Mandel, and even albeit decreasingly Kurt Schlichter — to be a stalwart journalistic professional who doesn’t let his personal views obstruct the quality of his professional work.

Over the years I’ve watched Tapper retain that misplaced credibility by his occasionally throwing scraps to the right. A good example recently was his last interview with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. Sheriff Israel had been part of the anti-gun movement in the wake of the Parkland shootings, despite his own department’s obvious failings and the cheapness that exploits tragedy for deceptive political ends. Tapper went into that interview prepared to embarrass and all but destroy Israel’s credibility. And he did just that. And his loyal hangers-on from the NeverTrump right were there to sing his praises for it.

There’s just one problem.

Tapper just days before had hosted an anti-gun rally for CNN that they disguised as a town hall. And during that anti-gun rally Tapper 1) helped Sheriff Israel promote his anti-gun views while 2) admonishing any who disagreed and 3) deflecting from the Sheriff’s own failings with respect to the Parkland shooting.

It wasn’t until days later when the Sheriff’s obvious failings became more broadly scrutinized and pronounced, that Tapper decided to use him as a sacrificial lamb.

And that’s what Tapper does.

He spends the vast majority of his time propagandizing for the pro-resistance, anti-gun, SJW left — but every now and then embarks on a single grand act that his NeverTrump fans on the right will hold up as evidence of his impartiality and efficacy.

Which brings us to his interview with Comey today.

Tapper will eviscerate Comey. Granted Comey is no posture slouch either, and has spent the last several days calculating how to fashion himself as a victim whose foremost commitments are to honor and integrity, and not at all about attacking President Trump. But even despite the imminently bashful and uncomfortably submissive posture Comey will take, Tapper won’t relent. He may shift to a tone that laments more than it admonishes, but he’ll not let Comey use him as a catapult to credibility.

He couldn’t, because that — a catapult to credibility — is exactly what Comey will be today for Tapper.

Make no mistake: If Comey weren’t being universally panned by everyone from his friends and former colleagues to the media who share his anti-Trump views, then Tapper would gladly follow their lead and help prop up Slippery Jim. Instead however, this will be one of those times that Tapper reads the tea leaves — and determines that it’s safe to use this interview as a means of bolstering his brand with the small but well-amplified group of NeverTrumpers on the right who for years have sung his praises.

And sing his praises, they will.

And then he’ll go right back to his regularly scheduled pro-resistance, pro-SJW propagandizing. And he’ll stay there 24×7 until the next 10-minute window of opportunity comes along for him to throw a few scraps “our” way.

I see it. Many others, like John Nolte and Ace Of Spades HQ, see it. But many more don’t. Many more find themselves pleasantly surprised that “finally” someone in the mainstream media actually does something they like. And many of those people see it happen a few times, and they come to the conclusion that Jake Tapper is “actually pretty decent.” He’s isn’t. Literally every minute of every day that these same “Jake Tapper is actually pretty decent” media consumers aren’t singing his praises, it’s because he’s doing the exact same thing that all the other mainstream media and CNN partisans are doing: Characterizing the news so it fits a narrative that promotes their uniformly liberal bias.

The fact that Jake Tapper can push that anti-Trump, pro-liberal bias all day long and still rack up boy band-like fandom from some of the most amplified and once-respected voices on the right — that he manipulates these media kingmakers so easily, throwing scraps only when his political calculus tells him it’s safe among his base and cause(s) to do so — is what makes him such an important target for critics of media bias.

And that’s exactly what he’ll do today.

And rather than wait for it to happen and then get annoyed when I see everyone singing his praises, I figured I’d get out front this time around and tell you exactly what to expect. And why it shouldn’t make a lick of difference to you relative to Jake Tapper’s credibility. He’s a Democrat propagandist masquerading as an impartial journalist, and that he spends 1% of his time trying to disprove that reality falls wildly short of actually doing so.


Here are several dozen more examples of this blog — LBA (ie LoveBreedsAccountability) — exposing and/or referencing Tapper’s bias.


  1. Tapper’s questions were loaded and by their wording showed his bias against Comey. Didn’t know he was such a Trump fan! Perhaps he and Hannity can have their own “news” show.


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