CNN’s Don Lemon KO’d Over Hannity Nontroversy

CNN studios were nearly evacuated on Tuesday night after a rare dose of intellectual honesty was released in to their atmosphere.

Reliably anti-Trump, pro-Democrat Don Lemon — who claims that all black people think alike and that he speaks for them — was all set to launch in to one of his routinely partisan segments that he pretends is legitimate journalism.

The topic of the moment: Sean Hannity’s relationship with Michael Cohen.

To hear media like Don Lemon tell the story: Sean Hannity will probably definitely be found guilty of treason and spend the rest of his life in prison. And he’ll probably definitely take Trump down with him. This is a shocking development that sources have said will probably definitely lead to a constitutional crisis and probably definitely probably mean the end of our nation. We had a good run, America. But then you elected Donald Trump.

The intellectually honest reality, of course: Sean Hannity may have once garnered legal insight from Michael Cohen.

As has been noted on this blog many times, CNN is the most egregious of all the cable news media because they claim to be impartial. Both Fox News and MSNBC admit their partisan leanings. But CNN — despite their 24×7 barrage of anti-Trump, pro-resistance propagandizing — claims that they’re impartial.

Every minute of every day on every story, CNN’s hosts and guests start and end from a left-minded, anti-Trump perspective. It’s a big reason why they’re called fake news. In 2018, “fake news” isn’t about absence of fact. It’s about prominence of partisan characterization. And rather than just report the facts as a legitimate news organization would, outlets like CNN characterize, color and frame the facts to suit their narrative.

This time around they’re apoplectic over the entirely sterile revelation that a Fox News opinionist didn’t announce his personal relationship with a member of Trump’s inner circle. And thankfully, for once, someone on CNN’s set had the courage and integrity to point out the intellectual laziness and dishonesty of that particular story.

“As somebody who worked at Fox News for four years — before I came to CNN I was a contributor at Fox News, I was on-air at Fox News, I was on Sean Hannity’s show at Fox News — I mean Hannity never claims . . . he’s a talk radio host who has a primetime or latenight show at Fox News. He doesn’t claim to be a newsperson or a journalist. He never has. We all know he’s always opinion…”

So began CNN contributor Margaret Hoover, before a terrified Don Lemon began nervously trying to prevent what looked to be an imminent outbreak of intellectual honesty and fairness; something that is not now, nor will it ever be, tolerated on Lemon’s show.

“Hold on! Hold on!”, Hoover pleaded before continuing: “So all these people who say you have to have this disclaimer — his base and his audience is not upset that they didn’t get that disclaimer.” She went on, “In fact they think higher of him that he is so close with the President and that he is so close with Michael Cohen.”

This, of course, is 100% true and fair. As were the rest of the points Hoover made, including pushing back when Lemon said (paraphrasing) “What would Hannity and the rest say if this were the Obama White House and it was revealed that Rachel Maddow had a relationship with a close Obama lawyer?” Hoover noted that they would respond ferociously, “as partisans on the other side are responding to this now!”


Spoiler alert, Don: You’re one of those partisans.

Whether he truly lacks self-awareness to this shocking degree, or if he just doesn’t care because he’s that much of a partisan hack, CNN’s Don Lemon yet again exemplifies and reinforces why so few people actually trust the media anymore. Lemon is a partisan. And it’s obvious. And it’s reflected in every aspect of his communication, every minute of every hour that he’s on air. But he claims to be an impartial journalist. Night after night he giddily attacks President Trump and divisively denigrates anyone who dares to defend the President. Lemon asserts zero intellectual honesty or fairness, and zero journalistic integrity. He, along with his cohorts like Jake Tapper and Erin Burnett and the rest — purport to be honest, impartial, non-partisan journalists who are committed only to reporting on the facts. And nothing more. Yet all day, every day, they uniformly start, navigate, and end every story from a firmly anti-Trump, pro-resistance posture.

“We’re just speaking truth to power” doesn’t work here. Their furious emotions are sitting there in plain sight for everyone to see. And when someone comes on and offers intellectual honesty and fairness, as CNN’s own Margaret Hoover chose for reasons unknown to do here, they laugh at and mock that person. Sometimes, anyway. Other times, Lemon especially, will all but cut everyone else’s mics so he can look in to the camera and lecture audiences about his standard being above the unacceptable opinions they may have just witnessed from a Trump defender.

In those rare instances when intellectual honesty does break out in a CNN studio, it’s worth writing about. And it’s a more interesting and important news story than 99% of what they cover every day.


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