Polling Challenge For ABC, NBC & CNN

While the media has spent the last 18 months trying to delegitimize Donald Trump’s historic 2016 victory, they’ve further exposed their bias by failing to ask the most obvious qualifying question: How many voters were influenced by the alleged election interference that the media has used to scapegoat their the Democrats’ loss?

If you’re among the literally tens of viewers who actually tune in to CNN, then you hear it every day: “Donald Trump thinks we’re trying to take away from his electoral victory. We’re not doing that. He won fair and square. We’re just trying to get to the bottom of what happened. And as our President, he should be more interested in helping ensure fair and free elections in the future — and less worried about how it reflects on his own victory.” And then they proceed to chip away at his legitimacy.

Here’s a simple fact: Russia has been meddling in our elections since forever. It’s not some new revelation. And I’m sorry to all the precious-minded snowflakes who had to find out this way, but we meddle in their domestic business too. Again, none of this is new. Nations are competitive and the more powerful ones have intelligence agencies that work to protect their interests and disrupt their foes’.

We could be charitable and say the interference issue merits more focus today because of the internet, which has provided more visible means for meddling. But we — the intellectually honest — all know that’s not what’s going on here.

The media lost to a man who won by calling out their bias and dishonesty.

The swamp was defeated by a man who promised to drain it.

And now it’s payback/self-preservation time.

If the media cared at all about Russian interference in our domestic interests, they’d stop doing Putin’s bidding by creating distrust in our institutions and division among our people. It’s like Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd showing up to give a speech about gun safety, and deciding that rather than actually speak they’re going to spray their message on the walls of the auditorium using live ammunition.

The most important and instructive thing we’ve learned about Russian interference is that it’s focused almost exclusively on dividing our nation and undermining our national trust. And yet there go the media literally all day every day, doing just that, all in the name of combating Russia’s anti-US interests.

It’s painful to watch.

Sure they’ve got their other anti-Trump narratives…

He’s a racist!”

He’s a rapist!”

He’s mentally unfit!”

But their favorite and most prominent anti-Trump narrative is that he only won because Russia interfered with our election, and he’s probably beholden to Putin as a result.

“We’re not trying to undermine his legitimacy. We’re just asking the important questions.”

If you believe that, I have some Hillary 2016 inauguration tickets to sell you.

If the media really wants to ask the important questions, then here’s a glaring one that for some reason they refuse to ask…

Which is more accurate:

Your choice for President in the 2016 election was based on stories from unknown sources that you read on social media.

Your choice for President in the 2016 election was not based on stories from unknown sources that you read on social media.

And while we’re asking the important questions…

Which is more accurate:

Your choice for President in the 2016 election was based on the FBI’s October disclosure that the investigation in to Hillary Clinton’s email server would be ongoing.

Your choice for President in the 2016 election was not based on the FBI’s October disclosure that the investigation in to Hillary Clinton’s email server would be ongoing.

While the media insist that Russia swung the election, many Democrats are equally convinced that it was all Comey’s fault.

They’re both wrong.

Donald Trump won because he called out the dishonest media while promising to drain the DC swamp and put America First. Contrary to establishment Republican dogma, the vast majority of Americans know that the media is biased and dishonest — and many voters were tired of being told that we’re not allowed to talk about that out loud; that we have to be nice to the obviously liberal media. And many Americans spent their lives hearing the media and Democrats talk in passive aggressive terms about how terrible our nation is, and how we need to atone for our sins and be more like our more forward-thinking friends in Europe. And most of us were tired of hearing the media and Left talk about how much they “love” America, when it was obvious that they love only what it might someday become if only we rubes in flyover country would listen to them more.

I believe, as predicted before the campaign, that Trump’s message would resonate in blue states that had typically been out of play for the GOP. And that, in a more gritty way, Hillary’s “lifetime of public service” demanded only a fraction of the actual work ethic and determination that Trump’s private sector successes required — and as a result he was able to vastly outwork her. (A value he’s taken with him in to the Presidency as he stays the difficult course despite the media’s 24×7 litany of unfair, dishonest and distracting attacks he’s endured since his first day on the job.)

They promised us during the campaign that he was an idiot who didn’t know what he was doing. And then he won. And after licking their wounds for about 5 seconds, the media went right back to promising us that he’s an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s like the campaign never even happened. With exceptions that I can count on one hand, the entire media either explicitly or implicitly promises their audiences that there’s simply no way Donald Trump the politician deserves to, or can, succeed in any way. If it’s not a constant barrage of overt attacks on his mental stability or some other dishonest accusation, then it’s an outpouring of “friendly advice” from people who snicker about his methods while forgetting that they’re lecturing the very man responsible for entirely discrediting their alleged expertise.

All day every day it’s “Donald Trump shouldn’t be President and he can’t possibly be a good one but we’re not attacking him personally and we just want to find out exactly what happened that resulted in him winning.”

They chastise President Trump for his attacks on them in response to their biased and dishonest “news,” but frankly I’m amazed at the restraint the man has shown.

So here’s the deal…

I think Donald Trump won because the nation saw through the media’s bias and dishonesty, and his message resonated thanks in part to the work ethic and determination that helped make him so successful in the private sector.

The media and Democrats think that Russian interference (which has been around forever) swung the election his way, and/or that it’s all James Comey’s fault.

Let’s ask those questions.

What are they so afraid of?

The ABC/WaPo, NBC/WSJ and CNN/SSRS polling outfits have done tons of polls since the 2016 election. And the respective media organizations have dedicated the entirety of their time, energy and resources to explaining away why Trump won.

Why won’t they just go ask voters the simple question?

No “somewhat true” or “mostly true” answers.

Just, to the best of respondents’ ability, yes or no: Your vote was based on social media, and your vote was based on James Comey’s announcement about Hillary’s emails.

They won’t conduct any polling that actually asks those questions because it will expose the colossal waste of time, energy and resources they’ve dedicated to discrediting the American peoples’ choice for President.

Instead, perhaps because they rely so heavily on the status quo of the swamp that Trump promised to drain, or perhaps because of their own left-leaning bias, they’ll just continue pushing their anti-Trump narratives while couching it in some kind of noble effort to protect the US from Russian interference.

All while doing more damage to national trust and unity than Putin’s Russia could ever dream of.

Go ask the question, Jake Tapper. (Literally got his start working for an anti-gun group.)

Ask the question, Chuck Todd. (Literally is BFFs with Hillary’s 2016 Communications Director.)

Let’s see the results, George Stephanopoulos. (Literally was the Sarah Sanders — ie Press Secretary — of Bill Clinton’s White House.)

You spend all your time implying that the 2016 election was tainted by Russia or Comey or both, and thus merits 24×7 coverage and focus — and yet you aren’t asking the most basic, obvious, fundamental question: To what degree, if any, can voters substantiate your lazy, destructive, speculation-soaked claim?

And when it’s revealed that voters weren’t swayed in any way by any of the things that you think are so terribly important, then take a good long look in the mirror the next time you cast stones about “doing Putin’s bidding.”

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