Debunking The Comey/Media ‘Obstruction’ & ‘Loyalty Oath’ Narratives

Jim Comey’s book tour is producing a lot of lazy, half-cocked rhetoric about both “obstruction of justice” and a nefarious “loyalty oath.” And as usual, the anti-Trump propagandists masquerading as impartial journalists (ie the mainstream swamp media) are dishing out a lot of narrative-shaping sensationalism and almost zero intellectual honesty.


No, he didn’t. At least not based on any evidence we’ve seen.

Just like making the first move (ie going in for a kiss) isn’t sexual assault, nor is it obstruction of justice when one voices his opinion or asks for consideration. In both cases, in fact, it’s an exercise of free speech. (And contrary to what Jake Tapper and the entirety of the CNN staff believe, yes — even the President is entitled to free speech.) (And no, Jake and Jim and Brian and Brooke and Erin and Don and Anderson and Alysin and Chris and Kate and Brianna and the other Jim — him using that right to call out the dishonest media is not a violation of your first amendment right.)

Now if someone goes in for a kiss, is rebuffed, and persists in any way physically — then that becomes a case for sexual assault.

And if someone voices an opinion or asks for consideration about a legal matter, is rebuffed, and persists in a way that prevents law enforcement from doing its diligence — then that becomes a case for obstruction of justice.

But Trump asking Comey to give Michael Flynn or anyone else the benefit of consideration is not obstruction of justice.

The swamp (media, Democrats and establishment GOP to include the Comey/Mueller NeverTrump wing) will dumb down the “obstruction of justice” charge in an effort to make voters believe that any insertion in to an ongoing legal matter constitutes “obstructing” it. But if that’s the case, then President Obama would’ve been guilty of obstructing justice when he said police acted stupidly in their handling of a local matter during his Presidency. And that’s just off the top of my head. But any time a President — or Senator, or House Representative, or really anyone — voices an opinion be it publicly or privately, it could be considered him or her “obstructing justice.” And that’s just not where the bar is for the charge, despite the media desperately wanting the public to believe otherwise when it comes to President Trump.


Donald Trump defeated the Clinton Machine, Democrats, establishment Republicans, mainstream  media, and NeverTrump government embeds like James Comey and Andrew McCabe based largely on his promise to “drain the swamp.”

That swamp is where people like James Comey built their careers. Almost everyone in DC — from the lifelong politicians, to the dishonest media so many of them are in cahoots with, to the strategists/advisers/consultants — they all depend on the status quo of a well-muddied swamp to sustain their power and profits.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that President Trump would be compelled to audit the loyalties of someone like Comey. Here’s basically how it went down…

Trump: “I was elected to drain the swamp that you’ve called home for most of your career. And I need to know if you’re with me, or against me.”

Comey and the media: “LOYALTY OATH! HE’S A WITCH!!!1!”

They use language like “loyalty oath” to create a nefarious cloud around President Trump, and in doing so demonstrate exactly the type of intellectually dishonest garbage that millions of people elected President Trump to help dispose of.


We all knew the swamp was lying to us when they said that, actually, illegal immigration is all that’s holding our [allegedly] otherwise doomed country together.

We knew they were lying when they said that, actually, MLK was wrong and the key to racial harmony is an actionable, laser focus on skin color; our own and others’.

We knew they were lying when they said that, actually, the infinite ubiquity with which our planet’s climate has changed was a myth — and now it’s changing for the first time and we’re why and we can stop it if we submit to additional taxation and increased government control and regulation.

And we know they’re lying now when they say that because President Trump opened his mouth and an opinion came out, that somehow he’s a dictator hellbent on blood-soaked loyalty oaths and ready to topple any person or institution that refuses to do his personal bidding.

As has been the case since this self-made billionaire with no political experience made history and became President on his promise to drain the swamp and put America first, those legacy grifters whose existence demands swamp-over-country are doing everything they can to stop him.

They’re playing “breaking news” whack-a-mole with the same four targets…

“He’s a Russian spy!”

“He’s a racist!”

“He’s a rapist!”

“He’s mentally unfit!”

And the Comey book and book tour provide exactly zero new revelations, but reinforce the “He’s a Russian spy!” narrative. So they’ll keep treating every detail as though it’s earth-shattering. With the sole exception of insight in to Comey’s thinking which reinforces that he’s a political hack whose ego obstructed his duty, nothing Comey wrote or said is new. But the media will gladly keep recycling their same anti-Trump narratives on the fresh pseudo-evidence that “Comey said.”

And we all see right through it. Because when your vision is America First and your means is to drain the swamp, you’ve already spent most of your lifetime filtering out the media’s propagandist dishonesty and are now pretty good at it. It’s why we elected President Trump, and in doing so rejected the liberal mainstream media and its swamp-dependent friends across the political spectrum.


  1. James Comey is a self serving, liar and a sanctimonious hypocrite. His own comments demonstrate, if not prove the same and on their very face.

    He would have us believe it was his principled and patriotic concern for the office and institution of the Presidency and not crooked Hillary’s promotion, or the continuation of his own tenure that motivated him. Really? Well, telephone for Mr. Comey. It’s common sense on the line. Any hypothesis requires consistency and at a minimum, I dare say.

    And yet, it is he himself that gives us the lie by publicly disrespecting that very same office of the Presidency and as soon as he is discharged for cause and crimes, as he himself confessed under oath and before Congress and as witnessed by the entire nation. Hello?

    The man is a joke, a rather embarrassing incompetent quite unworthy to be a crime boss, much less the head of a secret, federal police. Beria must be rolling over in his grave. I will allow for the possibility of his unwilling ineptitude inadvertently revealing his various misappropriations of authority and criminal misdeeds, but it hardly entitles him to any immunity, nor should his subsequent discharge confer upon him any sympathy.

    To the extent James Comey is a victim and we can all identify with Jesus Christ as an every man, he is a victim of his own stupidity and incompetence and this circus act, book tour ought to be conducted on stilts, or in his underwear to maximize the comedic effect.


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