NBC Panel: Media’s Job Is To Create Law

On Sunday’s “Meet The Press,” veteran journalist Doris Kearns Goodwin casually revealed that the media’s goal is not journalism, but political activism.

“The thing that worries me is that the story of Pruitt is a story that we can all understand, so it becomes a big thing that we can talk about. What the EPA is doing really deserves the discussion. We need to understand what’s happening in all these agencies. What’s the impact of this deregulation; this dismantling? That’s a harder story to tell. And I think that’s the story that journalists have to go after.”

She then listed several other big stories that the media has covered over the years, before accidentally revealing the unfortunate conclusion: “They wrote stories that mobilized people to get those laws passed. Now we need to understand: What’s happening in the EPA? What’s happening in the Interior Department? Instead we’re caught up in his tweets and breaking news day after day.”

Helene Cooper, who is an allegedly impartial journalist for the New York Times, could barely contain her giddy affection for Goodwin’s observation: “You’ve just captured everything about what’s going on right now about the press and how to cover the shiny object that is President Trump.”


The best evidence that Goodwin’s unfortunate admission shares broad consensus among her media peers, is that host Chuck Todd didn’t even feel compelled to massage let alone correct the commentary.

And this all happened just moments after an earlier guest, Peter Navarro, carefully and respectfully provided some sage insight in to the existence of bias in the media.


A dose of overdue reality for those like Chuck Todd who say attacks on the biased media are attacks on free speech: You’re not the only ones the first amendment applies to, Chuck. I, too, have a right to it. And other voters have a right to it. And so does Peter Navarro. And so does President Trump.

So today Chuck Todd, who masquerades as an impartial journalist but operates more like a Democrat propagandist (examples here and here), angrily fights with a Trump Administration official who calls out media bias. But when one of Todd’s allegedly impartial media peers expressly admits an emphatic bias that’s determined to “mobilize the people” in an effort to compel congressional action, Todd says nothing.

Good to know.

Bad for the media and destructive for our nation’s progress and unity, but good to know nevertheless.

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