CNN’s Latest ‘Bombshell’ Is Straight Up Hilarious

CNN anchors, analysts and producers were in hyperventilation mode on Friday afternoon as they breathlessly reported on yet another dud disguised as a bombshell.

Earlier this week they were seething over the revelation that Mueller’s investigation in to Russian collusion gave Mueller the latitude to investigate…wait for it…Russian collusion.

Yes. Really.

That’s like going to a baseball game and when you get there being shocked to find a baseball game happening.

And today’s nothingburger dressed up as “breaking news” wasn’t any better.

During Wolf Blitzer’s 6PM ET broadcast, former Obama political appointee and current impartial “journalist” Jim Sciutto broke the news.

I hope you’re sitting down…

A member of then-candidate Trump’s campaign team once found a trove of emails on the internet that were purported to be Hillary Clinton’s missing 30,000 emails, and he took the appropriate steps of asking for formal assistance in vetting the emails to determine if they were in fact legitimate.

Oh the humanity.

But this is what CNN does now that they’re out of anything even remotely substantive with which to attack President Trump.

They float an entirely innocuous story that carries nothing of interest let alone substance, characterize it in ominous terms and package it as a major development. And their unhinged, anti-Trump faithful eagerly and appreciatively gorge on it as if it’s some kind of gluten free smoking tofu gun.

At no time anywhere on planet earth is a story like this even remotely considered “news.” In fact the only possible newsworthy angle would be one that reveals the Trump campaign as responsible in its vetting of information, and its resistance to promulgating false stories.

Beyond that, there isn’t anything in this story that’s even close to interesting let alone hard-hitting or — as CNN insists ubiquitously about all things Trump — incriminating.

At this point, CNN’s badly-battered cast of anti-Trump operatives masquerading as impartial journalists are a blink of the eye away from running with the “Trump uses Russian salad dressing” story. It’s gotten that bad. They know what they’re doing isn’t news. And they don’t even pretend anymore. They want to report negatively on President Trump, along with everyone and everything in his orbit. And they’re going to do it no matter how ridiculous it makes them look to everyone on the planet except those who share their same Trump Derangement Syndrome affliction.

Like that time CNN’s John Berman told viewers that Speaker Paul Ryan not paying attention to the Stormy Daniels story was evidence that it’s a huge story.

Or that time CNN’s Erin Burnett played a clip of President Trump saying “Apple” literally at the same time their chyron was dishonestly telling viewers he said “Banana.”

Or that time when two separate CNN anchors (Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon) had to be reined in by equally anti-Trump guests, when the allegedly impartial CNN anchors asserted that President Trump is mentally unfit for office.

The desperation and absence of integrity at CNN has boiled over beyond repair, and it’s ensnared once-promising journalists and news personalities who have been forced to light their torches and illuminate the mob’s groupthink or lose their jobs.

This is exactly why President Trump was 100% right when he called the media the opposition party. They are far more effective than the Democrats and face far fewer consequences for their dishonesty. And while CNN is by no means alone in contributing to the public’s general distrust of the media, they are far-and-away the greatest contributors to that general descent.


  1. Preying on the ignorant, and there are plenty of them. Nothing matters as long as it’s anti-Trump. And, of course, the problem is _still_ that “collusion with Russia” is not a crime and therefore cannot be the justification for a special-counsel investigation.
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