CNN: A Salt Mine For Nothingburgers

CNN spent much of Tuesday twisting a boring and innocuous story in to a bombshell that they claim probably spells trouble for President Trump.

The fake news sausage-making revolved around a just-released document pertaining to Mueller’s Russia investigation. As The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross notes, the document was part of a court filing made by the Mueller team “in order to defend the scope of the investigation against a motion that Manafort filed on March 14 to dismiss his case.”

Manafort claimed that Mueller lacked the scope to investigate his activities before joining the Trump campaign, and Mueller’s filing disproved that claim.

The filing also showed that Mueller was given the jurisdiction to investigate possible collusion with Russia. And in normal times, that wouldn’t surprise anyone: Obviously investigating Russian collusion would be within the scope of an investigation that was launched almost exclusively for the purpose of investigating Russian collusion.

But to hear CNN tell it, this is an earth-shattering revelation.

Several times every hour throughout the morning and afternoon, the chyrons beamed and the 7 person panels hyperventilated over the alleged “bombshell.”


But it was all a completely manufactured narrative, molded from the mundane fruit of what was really nothing more than a process story about a court filing.

Social media lit up with the news, as CNN and their anti-Trump allies all insisted that it was a major development…

Yes, anti-Trump media: As part of the investigation in to possible Russian collusion, Mueller’s team was given the latitude to investigate possible Russian collusion.

That’s literally the opposite of “news.”

But desperate in their attempts to salt the Russia nothingburger, and now entirely unashamed of their penchant for doing so dishonestly and manufacturing fake news, it’s a huge “story” to the anti-Trump media like CNN and NBC.


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