CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Attacks Alan Dershowitz; Regrets It Immediately [VIDEO]

Wednesday night on CNN, legendary legal mind Alan Dershowitz took Jeffrey Toobin’s personal attacks and smacked him upside the head with them.

The issue was President Trump being…

a racist

a rapist

mentally unfit

…a Russian spy, and host Anderson Cooper along with legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin had assumed their usual positions at the most unhinged end of Never Trumpism. And when it was clear that Dershowitz wouldn’t join their obsessively anti-Trump choir, Toobin began attacking him.

“How has this come about that in every situation over the past year, you have been carrying water for Donald Trump?”, Toobin sneered.

That’s not an attack on the substance. That’s not an attack on the facts, or the issues. That’s a personal attack.

Toobin concluded angrily, “What happened to you?!”

Dershowitz had always showed a real fondness and respect for Jeffrey Toobin, whom he once taught. So the lazy, mean-spirited, personal nature of Toobin’s attacks had to be painful for the nearly 80 year old Dershowitz to absorb.

But he let Toobin finish, and then showed him why he’ll always be the teacher and petulant students like Jeffrey Toobin will always have a lot to learn…

Said Dershowitz, “I attack President Trump for his banning of Muslims. I attack President Trump for leaking material to Russia. I’ve attacked President Trump for many things. I’m not carrying his water. I’m saying exactly the same thing I’ve said for fifty years.”

As Cooper and Toobin both tried to jump in, Dershowitz then dropped the bomb…

“I have never deviated from this point. The fact that it applies to Trump now, rather than applying to Bill Clinton, is why people like you have turned against me.”


CNN promotes Toobin as being an impartial legal mind. But Alan Dershowitz, an avowed Democrat, just called Toobin out for being an irreparably partisan, anti-Trump hack. And it stung.


Having already won the fight by TKO, Dershowitz finished “Don’t you understand that principle requires bipartisanship and non-partisanship? And that’s who I am. And that’s who I’ve always been.”

Mic drop.

As easy as it is for us to expose the rank hypocrisy and partisanship that comes from CNN, you don’t often see it exposed actually on their airwaves. Because their producers and hosts won’t allow anyone to criticize them or call them out. (Just ask Kyle Kashuv.) So it’s always worth writing about when it does happen, and this was a great intellectual beatdown that Toobin had long deserved. That it happened right in his own front yard in front of all of his friends, made it even better. Nice work, Mr. Dershowitz.

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