Self-Inflicted Wound For Jake Tapper; CNN [VIDEO]

Jake Tapper shot himself in the foot on Sunday while leveling the media’s latest anti-Trump argument.

As the anti-Trump media have done many times before, Tapper suggested that because Mueller is a Republican then, if anything, he obviously must support President Trump.

They’ve said the same thing about McCabe and Comey.

This is wrong for two reasons…

First, the media has spent months arguing, often on the brink of tears mind you, that “career professionals” like Mueller don’t let partisanship influence their work. Per the media, they’re all boy scouts who have way too much integrity to be swayed by personal beliefs. (And anyone who says otherwise clearly hates America.) If that’s the case, as the media have breathlessly and piously insisted for months, then it makes no difference if those involved are Republicans. They can’t be above partisan politics and also influenced by their party affiliation. Both things can’t be true.

Second, when the media dishonestly claims that being Republican  means you can’t oppose Trump, they’re pretending for some reason that there isn’t an entire wing of the Republican establishment aggressively opposed to President Trump. This wing first emerged during his candidacy, and has persisted in their resistance still during his Presidency. They’re called “Never Trump,” and they’ve been in the news quite a bit. You’d think media figureheads like Jake Tapper would be aware of them. But Tapper either isn’t aware that Never Trump exists, or he’s pretending that they don’t exist.

Neither scenario bodes well for Jake, or his credibility and trustworthiness.

Today was especially painful to watch because just as Jake was pretending that the Never Trump wing of the Republican party doesn’t exist, he was also introducing Jeff Flake: A sitting US Senator in the Republican party who literally wrote a book about why he’s Never Trump. Challenging Trump’s negative characterizations of the Mueller team, Tapper says “He doesn’t mention for instance that Mueller is a Republican.” That Tapper was talking to a person whose very existence disproved his point, seemed to escape the allegedly impartial CNN host.


These types of self-inflicted wounds are becoming more and more prevalent on CNN. The weight of their anti-Trump ferocity is manifesting in sloppy work that continues to erode the network’s credibility, as they appear to proudly hold themselves up as the least trustworthy and most anti-Trump name in news.


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