CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield: Until AR-15s Are Banned, Cops Should Let Kids Die

CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield on Saturday said that if an AR-15 is being used, then it’s okay for an armed police officer to do nothing while innocent children are slaughtered.

The disgusting suggestion was asserted while introducing a segment about the horrific massacre of 17 lives last week at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Justifying the inaction of the Sheriff’s Deputy who was stationed outside of the school, Whitfield said “One would believe that trained police officers would recognize the sound of an AR-15 style weapon, and know that they might be outgunned.”


To be clear: It’s never okay for an armed law enforcement officer to sit outside of a school and listen to children be slaughtered by a murderer. The hero in this story, faculty member Aaron Feis, was armed with only his body. And he sacrificed his life to save others. For Fredricka Whitfield to sit there and excuse the armed law enforcement personnel who sat outside and did nothing, is itself inexcusable.

What makes Whitfield’s suggestion even more alarming is that she’s leveling it not based on expertise or even empathy, but to deflect blame from the Broward County Sheriff’s Department that failed so horribly before, during and after the massacre. Consistent with the anti-gun, anti-NRA, pro-Democrat propaganda that’s exemplified every shred of CNN’s coverage — Whitfield’s assertion seeks yet again to place the blame squarely on the AR-15. She’s telling viewers that if it wasn’t an AR-15, then that Deputy who sat and did nothing might have actually gone in and done something.

And what might be the most damning part of Whitfield’s assertion is that if a police officer sits and does nothing while innocent lives are being taken, then it’s likely a function of effective “training.” So if Fredricka Whitfield had her way, then all officers armed with pistols might be trained to stand down if the murderer is using a rifle.

Whitfield will refute this accounting of what she did on CNN’s air today. But while she uttered the notion as almost a throw away line, she knew exactly what she was saying and doing. She wanted that suggestion to be somewhere in the ethos of the larger conversation. And it’s as indisputable as it is indefensible: Absolutely. CNN, along with the rest of the Left, scapegoat the AR-15 every chance they get. And this was just the most recent and arguably disgusting example of that.

Earlier this week we saw CNN host an anti-gun rally that they disguised as a town hall. Today we see yet more evidence that CNN employs Democrat activists who are disguised as impartial news anchors.

Like Jake Tapper and Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin and Wolf Blitzer and the rest of CNN’s Democrat propagandists, you — Fredricka Whitfield — are a blight on our nation’s progress and unity, and a primary example of why trust in the media has cratered to irreparable levels. CNN is literally the least trusted name in news, and you and your producers are the reason why.

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  1. Pretty face, empty head.

    She should go see the Clint Eastwood movie about actual events “The 15.17 to Paris”. True story of three Americans who charged a man with a REAL assault weapon, armed only with their bare hands.
    And courage.


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