One Key Reason We’ll Never Ban AR-15s

While many people think banning AR-15s is a great first step to curb violence, it’s never going to happen.

And here’s why.

Banning AR-15s will never stop violence. It will at a minimum, maybe someday, stop violence that’s done with an AR-15. But it will never stop all violence. And it will never stop all school shootings, or all mass shootings.

And so the problem of violence, and the problem of mass shootings, will persist.

And even though it didn’t work, the same people who demanded that we ban AR-15s will next say we have to ban all semi-automatic weapons. Including handguns.

And that won’t work either.

Because even if we did it, the violence would persist.

So now the violence persists, but the law-abiding and courageous Americans who were once armed to fight back against violence — are now left with nothing.

The AR-15 has become the focal point for anti-gun activists, but there’s just no logic to it. Banning it won’t solve anything. It will just be a notch in their belt. I’d call it a pointless win, but it won’t be pointless. Because when banning the AR-15 doesn’t work, they’ll come next for all semi-automatic weapons.

And while people who support the Second Amendment and who support the NRA might not articulate it this simply, that’s why we’ll never ban AR-15s.

It’s an exercise in futility that, if acted upon, just means you’ll try to ban something else next. And that won’t work either. So we cling to our guns. And we support the NRA.

It’s not because we’re monsters.

It’s because we’re rational.

And it’s because we see through the left’s deceptions and bad, hasty decisions.


  1. I realize the position of the NRA, and many, but not all, of gun rights advocates is to avoid any “slippery slope” moves that might lead to more gun safety and restrictive gun laws. However, it might be a more rational approach to consider being a part of the solution, not part of the problem. (1) You are correct, banning AR 15’s or all semi-automatic assault style weapons will not stop the violence. That said, there is mounting empirical evidence that by banning them or certainly restricting them further, the number of deaths in mass shootings can be significantly reduced. (2) Should you resist accepting a ban on assault style weapons or further restrictions, at least consider significantly improving the universal background check laws at both the Federal and State level, where there is usable and actionable integrated data to help advance prevention. By the way, I grew up with guns and I learned gun safety and skills from mentors in my life that I will always cherish. Those of them who are still alive favor a ban on assault style weapons and universal background checks. As for the AR 15, Eugene Stoner, who designed and engineered the weapon, stated clearly that its purpose is for military use, not civilian.

    In closing, I might also suggest that instead of fighting the slippery slope now, consider an investment in compromise. If you, other gun rights advocates and the NRA persist with such rigid positions, your representation in Congress, both the House and Senate, will assuredly dwindle through electoral attrition.


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