Politically Biased Google Exploits The Visually Impaired

Google is exploiting blind people in yet another attempt to discredit President Trump.

Today’s example of Silicon Valley “resistance” is found in the voice dictation feature on mobile phones that use the Android (Google) operating system.

The dictation feature works like this: You press a button, and the words you say will be typed on the screen for you.

I’ve been using the feature a lot lately just as a convenience, but it has long been a tremendous tool that allows the visually impaired to also enjoy the benefits of staying connected using mobile devices.

So one thing I noticed almost immediately about the Google/Android dictation feature was very disconcerting.

When you say any name of any other President, the “p” in the word “President” is capitalized. But when you say President Trump, the “p” is not capitalized.

I’m typing this piece from my desktop like I always do. But in the tweet below I was “typing” using the dictation feature on my mobile phone. See for yourself…

And it just occurred to me that I bet the same thing happens using Google’s voice dictation feature on a desktop. So I tried it, and sure enough — every other President gets the deserved respect of having the “p” capitalized, except for President Trump. And since this example comes from my desktop, I was able to take a video of it using my phone.


There are entire teams at Google whose only job is to make sure their features are updated accordingly. And when President Trump was duly elected and sworn in, this was an obvious feature that needed to be updated. But the team at Google responsible for this, and those responsible for providing oversight on that team, decided to ignore it. They thought it would be more fun to send this typically passive-aggressive San Francisco slight as yet another clear message that they don’t respect President Trump. And it worked. We hear them.

But it’s time for them to grow up, and stop inserting their politics in to their customers’ lives. Especially since this particular feature is one that the visually impaired actually depend on. And they depend on it because they can’t use their eyes. And so they’re entirely unaware that Google is using them to help spread the company’s anti-Trump signalling. And that’s disgusting. And I know something about that because I have a loved one who is visually impaired. She relies on these features and should be able to use them without worrying that some smug little regressive millennial will exploit her impairment to promote their own disrespect for President Trump. So Google should get to the bottom of who is responsible here and make those individuals apologize to the entire company, as well as the blind community. As if inserting their politics and disrespecting President Trump (and with him, fully half the nation) isn’t bad enough — the team at left-wing Google are doing so in this instance at the expense of their visually impaired customers, who are in turn being used as pawns in Google’s overtly political gamesmanship. And that’s simply not okay.

NOTE: Twitter is also notoriously left-wing, and also flouts their opportunity to be responsible stewards of free-thinking diversity and progress. They do so not only by corrupting search trends, but also by banning people on the Right for unspecified reasons. I’ve been a victim of that several times, which is why I’m hesitant to use my tweets as evidence in these blog posts. (I’ve been burned too many times. Take for example this piece, or this one, or this one — each of which were entirely dependent on the inclusion of tweets that are now gone forever because Twitter banned my accounts. And now all that content is gone. Original videos, carefully constructed images, etc — gone forever, and leaving a wake of once-compelling, now-confusing blog posts all over these pages. It’s pretty painful.) So just in case they ban the account I’m using now, here’s a screenshot as well of the tweet I included in this post.


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