Aaron Feis Was A Hero And A Trump Supporter

While the media paint the mentally unhinged school shooter as a Trump-supporting white supremacist, the truth is that the hero — Coach Aaron Feis — truly was a Trump supporter.

Starting just hours after the horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, the media was already working at a fevered pitch to attach the shooter to President Trump.

The Daily Beast’s Taylor Lorenz published a piece that quoted a student as saying “I’ve seen him in a Trump hat.” When asked for clarification on the quote, Lorenz became defensive and pointed to an unconfirmed Instagram account as evidence that — clearly — the mentally unwell Nikolas Cruz was guided by the hate he learned from watching President Trump.

The day after the shooting, the media quickly grabbed on to a claim by a white supremacist organization that the shooter had been “trained” by them. CNN spent the entire afternoon promoting the unconfirmed story, and eventually even MSNBC’s Chris Hayes had to call for a little order and sanity as that narrative began to fall apart.

Here’s the thread Hayes was referencing…

Set aside the fact that CNN producers and anchors spent their day on the campus in Parkland, FL cherry-picking students and parents who would push their anti-Trump, anti-second amendment agenda in the wake of the tragedy. That’s to be expected.

But the lazy, paper-thin evidence about the mentally unglued shooter being a Trump supporter who by default (natch) was also a white supremacist, was non-stop.

Then it occurred to me.

I bet there were a lot of Trump supporters at that school. After all, he did carry Florida in 2016.

And then I realized that the hero of the story — Coach Aaron Feis — may very well have been a Trump supporter, too.

And in case you haven’t been following closely: Aaron Feis was an Assistant Coach at the high school, and he died protecting other students. He used his body as a shield and took bullets that were meant to take several more young, innocent lives.

His story, here:

So while the media make us all out to be terrible, hateful, racist people — candidly, the heroics of Aaron Feis sound a lot more like a great American patriot to me, than some rabid Leftist committed to “#TheResistance.”

So first I checked the FEC individual contributor website.


Then I went looking on Facebook, and lo and behold, there it was: His page, which had already been transformed in to a memorial celebrating his life, was peppered with signs of his strong faith, his support for President Trump, and so many other right-minded people and outlets.

The real hero in Florida; the man who literally gave his life by using his body as a shield to save others; the person in this story who was actually lucid: He was a real supporter of President Trump, along with so many of the other conservative-leaning people and media that typify Trump’s base.

Here’s a quick video I took while scrolling through his page…

And here’s the link to the page, if you’d like to visit it yourself.

Steven Crowder, Michelle Malkin, Paul Joseph Watson (who is pretty good despite being at freaking InfoWars)…Twitchy, TownHall…these are just a few from a long list that Aaron Feis wanted the world to know he liked.

So take a moment to visit his page and peruse his Likes. Take a moment to say a prayer for Aaron, and his family, and all the victims and families who were struck by this horrible act of evil.

Because based on his Facebook page, which he left behind for us all to get to know him a little bit better, I’m guessing that’s what Aaron would want you to do.

And while the media wants you to believe that an unhinged psychopath is representative of Trump supporters, the perfectly lucid hero of the story — Aaron Feis — left that media a big reminder about how wrong they are.


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