Architecture For Uncovering Media Bias

As media outlets like CNN double down on both their pro-Democrat bias and their claim of neutrality, supporters of honest and fair journalism must find new ways to more effectively expose that bias and dishonesty.

I landed on one such method several months ago (here and here), and am hoping that other media bias watchdogs will see its efficacy and adopt its architecture.

Simply stated: When a known Democrat propagandist like, for example, Jim Sciutto is conducting an interview — you focus exclusively on the questions being asked.

Forget the answers.

It’s an interesting practice to be sure, because interviews are conducted expressly to get answers. And that’s typically what everyone, understandably, gravitates toward.

But when you’re set on exposing media bias, the answers really don’t matter. For those of us committed to restoring integrity to the mainstream media, the questions are really the only story that matters.

Watch the clip below, which shows just the questions that Sciutto asks Democrat Adam Schiff:

Let’s review…

Question 1: An invitation to accuse President Trump of inciting violence.

Question 2: Widely considered one of government’s most prolific leakers, Sciutto throws Schiff an unmissable softball to swat the accusations away.

Question 3: An invitation to attack President Trump.

Question 4: An invitation to attack President Trump.

Question 5: Paraphrasing, “How hurt are you that more Republicans aren’t brave enough to join your crusade against President Trump?”

Question 6: An invitation to attack President Trump.

Question 7: An invitation to attack President Trump.

Question 8: The first question that’s at least interesting. Sciutto asks about the integrity of the Democrats’ memo with respect to classified information.

Question 9: Paraphrasing, “That Republican already dismantled one of Trump’s claims about the Nunes memo. I understand you have talking points to dismantle the second of Trump’s claims. Let’s hear those talking points.”

Question 10: The first and only newsworthy question; a hard-hitting inquiry about whether or not the courts knew that the infamous dossier was paid for by Hillary and the DNC.

And that’s it.

That’s the Jim Sciutto interview of Democrat Adam Schiff. A lazy, totally uninspired and uninspiring game of softball with a few too many pats on the backside for most viewers’ liking.

But that’s how virtually all of CNN’s interviews go, with Democrats.

I had dozens of examples laid out (with video) on a Twitter account that has since been banned, and thus all of my hard work and the videos themselves are no longer accessible to anyone, including myself.

But this is the story, and if you can juxtapose how allegedly impartial anchors — like Jake Tapper, Brooke Baldwin, Brianna Keilar, John Berman, Chris Cuomo, Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, etc — interview Democrats versus how they interview Republicans, the contrast becomes even more damning.

If this type of auditing and exposure gets traction, then it forces Democrat propagandists like Sciutto to up their game. We know they’re not going to change. But the least we can do is make it harder for them to navigate the same channels as they work to both assert and conceal their bias. And forcing them to see just how laughable their interview questions are, while giving their audience that same uninterrupted opportunity, will create a tremendous drag on their credibility until they address this particular instance of journalistic delinquency.


Notably, related to “Question 10”; the lone question that actually carried some weight: Just last week, The Daily Caller’s Amber Athey caught Sciutto lying about that same point on air.

After Athey suggested he issue a correction, he defended his lie with a misleading alternative fact, before snarking “Thanks for watching.”

Apparently something has changed, as Sciutto now understands that the dossier itself was funded by Hillary’s campaign and the DNC.

So the one, single question Sciutto asked which could be considered remotely newsworthy, he himself was trying to cover up and deflect from just last week.

Good to know.

While the dozens of examples I added to Twitter on a now-banned account are gone forever, this blog still has two more instances of CNN’s softball Democrat interviews here and here.


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