April Ryan’s Cheap ‘Gotcha!’ Fail

Democrat activist April Ryan is denying science so she can attack President Trump and exploit Americans who happen to be black.

In response to President Trump’s factually correct claims about low black unemployment, Ryan says it’s not good enough because black unemployment is still higher than white, Asian and Hispanic unemployment: “Is this administration aware that the black unemployment rate from December is 6.8%? The white unemployment rate is 3.7%, the Asian unemployment rate is 2.5%, and the Hispanic unemployment rate is 4.9%. The black unemployment rate continues to be higher, and it’s actually two times that…more than two times that…of the white unemployment rate.” (Notice April’s sloppy math where she claims that black unemployment is twice that of white unemployment: 3.7 x 2 = 7.4. And last we checked, 6.8 is significantly less than 7.4. But we’ll set that aside for now because while it’s not the only example we’ll cite of her denying math/science, it is the least significant.) She concludes by asking if this is something that the administration is “trying to fix.”


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responded that President Trump wants to help all Americans. The implication being that unlike April, President Trump doesn’t view the world through racially-obstructed lenses.

And that’s terrific. That’s where most of Trump’s base is, too. We put character over identity. We don’t socially segregate people based on race. (Or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion.) But April and other Democrats seem to love socially segregating people. In fact they depend on it. They need people segregated in to assigned groups. They need those people to believe that their identities preclude their individuality. And they want those people to be disabled by manufactured grievance. It gives Democrats both purpose and power.

But let’s take a closer look at Ms. Ryan’s unemployment numbers, from lowest to highest…

Asian: 2.5%
White: 3.7%
Hispanic: 4.9%
Black: 6.8%

Asian. White. Hispanic. Black.

If that order looks familiar, it’s probably because it’s pretty much the same order for education.

And it’s the same order for income.

And it’s the same order for absence of crime.

Every meaningful metric in the USA has Asians outperforming everyone else. Next in line are whites, then Hispanics and lastly blacks.

Why is that?

Well, as noted, April and the Democrats want you to believe that “RACISM!” is to blame. Okay. Let’s explore that: So the USA is racist in favor of Asians. It’s racist against blacks. And Hispanics and whites are in the middle somewhere, with some racism for and some racism against them.

Okay. That’s one theory.

But here’s another theory, with a little less divisive/destructive speculation, and a little more empirical evidence backing it up: Asians have the lowest instance of broken homes. Next are whites, then Hispanics and lastly (by a mile, sadly) are blacks.

I’ve written about it and provided evidence here and here and here.

It’s science-based and empirically proven: Single parent homes drive disparity (income, education, crime) more than anything else.

But April Ryan and her peers in the Democrat party, and the mainstream media, and many establishment Republicans, and virtually all of Hollywood, and the vast majority of academia — they all deny that science.

They ignore the fact that broken homes — single parent homes — create disparity.

And when you bring it up, they call you racist.

They call you ignorant.

You look at the facts, and the science, and you promote the important assertion that character is greater than race/identity — and they call you the science denier, and they call you the racist.

And they call that “progress.”

April Ryan has spent several days playing a lazy “Gotcha!” game wherein she exploits black pain and suffering. And in doing so, she ignores the root problem that has Americans who happen to be black constantly lagging behind others.

The problem is broken homes.

And as long as Democrat propagandists like April Ryan, and intellectually lazy/dishonest social segregationists like Bernie Sanders, and well-intended but wildly wrong social justice warriors like Colin Kaepernick deny that science, and ignore the problem of broken homes — then the problems will only get worse.

Racism gets worse because they’re dividing us all along racial lines, blaming imaginary racism for real problems.

Disparity for Americans who happen to be black gets worse because the real root of it (broken homes) is ignored.

Look, I wish President Trump wouldn’t talk about black unemployment at all. That’s where I am. I think what the GOP can “do for” black people is to stop treating them like their skin color merits special treatment. The Democrats have done that for decades, and the divisions and root problems have only gotten worse. But he’s factually correct when he says that unemployment among Americans who happen to be black is substantively low. And for April Ryan and others to then say, “Well that’s not good enough because they still lag behind Asians and whites and Hispanics” is lazy, dishonest, divisive and destructive. As long as 72% of black kids grow up in single parent homes, compared to 53% of Hispanics, 29% of whites and 17% of Asians — then blacks will always endure exponentially more disparity.

And it’s not only empirically proven that single parent homes create disparity, but it’s logically obvious: Generally speaking, two are better than one when it comes to raising a child. Generally speaking, those parents will have more time and energy and resources. Generally speaking, a child who grows up watching mom and dad honor their commitments to each other and their family (even and especially amid the adversity that any marriage is destined to face) will be enriched by important examples of both love and accountability. (It’s the reason my blog is called LoveBreedsAccountability.com!)

But April Ryan and her Democrat pals in government, media, entertainment and academia all want to ignore that. They instead lazily and dishonestly and despite the proven science — just say “RACISM!”, thus exacerbating all the problems they purport to combat. Including creating brand new racism, and doing nothing to help bring awareness to the national pandemic of broken homes that create so much disparity for Americans who happen to be black.


  1. I don’t understand why democrats continue to lie and don’t try to help keep black families together!
    They are feeding on their news source and environments.


    Raymond S. Russell
    Office – 903-753-0242
    Cell – 903-241-1797


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