Better Luck Next Year; Ben Shapiro & Some Rando Already Won 2018

The competitive landscape for “best thing of the year” became insurmountable around 10AM ET on January 2nd, 2018.

Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation in the wake of my firstborn son (who is two weeks old, today), but I read Ben’s tweet(s) and can’t imagine any others being any more entertaining. I’ll let the work product speak for itself, with the lion’s share belonging to some guy on Facebook named Matthew Sanders…

If you’re like me, you have a few questions after reading Matthew’s exhaustive accounting: Was this in response to one of Ben’s videos? And how long was the video, either way? Ben answered both of those questions in his follow-up tweets…

I loved this entire scenario, and as noted, it may have been partially related to the delirium from two weeks of constant sleep deprivation. So I took a momentary step back before publishing, just to check my work. As it turns out, Matthew’s screed is a copy/paste job that’s floated around the internet since at least 2015.


But it’s still hilarious, and I’m too damn tired to change the headline of this post. Some guy sharing the story on one of Ben Shapiro’s videos is excellent, and Ben loving it is excellent, and the fact that the video was only one minute and eight seconds long is also excellent. So it’s all staying, and 2018 is still over for the year’s imminent “best ever” contests.

Over, I said.


Better luck next year.

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