DEBUNKED: Media’s Top 7 Claims That Trump Is Racist

The mainstream media’s claims that Donald Trump is a racist depend entirely on intellectual dishonesty. Here are the top 7 claims, debunked.


During a campaign rally in the summer of 2016, then-candidate Trump looked in to the crowd and said “Look at my African American over here. Isn’t he the greatest!?” The media have used this as evidence that President Trump is a racist. What the media don’t tell you is that the man — Gregory Cheadle, who was holding a sign that read “VETERANS FOR TRUMP” — wasn’t in any way offended, and in fact found the moment in context to be very positive. Per NPR, “‘I was not offended by it because he had been speaking positively about black people prior to that statement,’ Cheadle told NPR when reached at his home for comment over the weekend. ‘People around me were laughing [at the fact] that he noticed me, and everybody was happy. It was a jovial thing.'” While it’s easy to paint the statement as being racist or even just racially insensitive, the intellectually honest truth is that it was, at worst, clumsy.


Thanks to a single incident on CNN coupled with the hard work of our biased media, many people believe that Donald Trump refuses to condemn the KKK and/or David Duke. In reality, he has condemned both unequivocally, without qualification and by name many, many times throughout his public life.

(h/t Mark Dice — Twitter here, YouTube here)


The media’s claims that 1) The birther conspiracy was racist and 2) Donald Trump started it, are both fundamentally flawed and easily debunked. First and foremost, it’s not racist to assertively question a person on qualifications for a job he or she seeks to attain. (Especially if seemingly legitimate questions exist, which we’ll get to momentarily.) To the contrary, not questioning someone because of their skin color is, to the progress-minded and intellectually honest, a far more glaring example of bigotry. Second, questions about Barack Obama’s birth place were first raised by those around Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and then co-opted by others in the GOP and beyond when Obama became the Democrats’ 2008 nominee. Trump used his marketing skills and platform to amplify the issue, but by no means “started” it as so many like to claim. What the media will never tell you however is that Barack Obama is the one who truly “started” the birther movement. For most of his career as a young author, Obama’s biography claimed that he was born in Kenya. He and his then-publicist have since said this was an error, but the fact remains: Barack Obama spent much of his career after college and before the Presidency claiming that he was born in Kenya. He likely did this because being “Kenyan born” was more exotic and would help sell more books. But no matter the reason, rather than quell the issue by simply releasing his long-form birth certificate, Obama chose instead to let the matter fester and ultimately create more skeptics and more disunity among the electorate. But the question itself wasn’t racist, and the implication that you should or shouldn’t question people based on their skin color is bigoted, and Donald Trump didn’t “start” the conspiracy theory. To the contrary, he finished it.


When Nazis and AntiFa clashed in Charlottesville, VA, President Trump condemned violence on both sides. I had written a comprehensive piece on the incident and its aftermath as an open letter to Gary Cohn, and would encourage you to read that here. The very condensed version: 1) Violence is never an acceptable response to speech no matter how abhorrent that speech is, 2) Trump clearly condemned the racists without qualification and by name, and 3) The media not only apologizes for now-normalized AltLeft violence, but also enable it in their exuberance to attack and discredit President Trump. And if you take issue with any of those statements, then please read my open letter to Gary Cohn and then tell me where you think I’m wrong.


He said no such thing, but this was the first in the media’s onslaught against President Trump. During his launch speech, amid a stream of several-thousand-word consciousness, he failed to parse a few dozen of his words carefully enough. Again, at worst, he could be accused of being rhetorically clumsy, but even that’s a stretch for this one. Those who break the law to come our country, are in fact more prone to breaking the law. Additionally, the predatory nature of the illegal immigration business is well-documented to lend itself to exploitation and rape. (It’s estimated by Fusion and documented by The Huffington Post that 80% of women and girls from South America are raped while trying to immigrate illegally to the US.) These aren’t extraordinarily difficult concepts to grasp, for the progress-minded and intellectually honest. So candidly and with apologies for my own curtness: Anyone who believes that Donald Trump said or believes that “all Mexicans are rapists,” are all idiots. The good news is that of those who make this claim, very few truly believe that’s what he said or thinks. Instead, they simply make that case because doing so is politically expedient — the fallout of disunity, and diluting the gravity of actual racism, be damned.


It’s true that President Trump suggested Judge Gonzalo Curiel would likely lack the ability to be impartial due to his Mexican heritage. But that isn’t a slight against “all Mexicans,” which would have to be the case in order for Trump’s claim to be considered racist. Trump has many supporters of Hispanic descent and has praised the Mexican and Hispanic communities many times. But Trump made his remarks about Curiel at a time when the media was plastering the airwaves with promises that people of Hispanic descent were rejecting Trump. To put a fine point on it: The media was busy promising us that most if not all Mexicans hated then-candidate Trump because he said all Mexicans are rapists (he didn’t), and then that same media feign outrage when Trump gives an indication that he believes them. Trump wasn’t taking a shot at Mexicans. He was ceding, however wrong-headedly, the media’s point that their efforts to portray him as a racist were working.


A few points on the so-called Muslim ban: 1). The countries at the center of the travel ban debate were identified by the Obama administration as being uniquely credible terror threats based largely on a country’s ability and willingness to work with other nations in identifying terrorists. It’s not like Trump and his buddies threw darts at a map. The original issuance was, and remains, guided entirely by intelligence that emerged and was documented by the Obama administration. 2). People like Jake Tapper and Don Lemon love to say “Words matter!” But apparently, when it comes to President Trump, the only words that matter are the ones they can use to paint him as a bigot. While it’s true that President Trump did call for a “total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the US” during his candidacy, the words included in the executive order for the travel ban included nothing even close to that language. And yet the media persist in claiming that the travel ban is actually a “Muslim ban,” thus — again — only inspiring more disunity and ferocity from both sides of America’s electorate. I guess, per the media: Loosely-crafted statements asserted once on the campaign trail matter, but the carefully-crafted and legally-binding words of an executive order don’t. Good to know.


The Democrats have a long track record of accusing their political adversaries of racism. (That racial division, disparity and destruction are all assets to the Democrat party, is a story for another day.) Now the media, and even many in the Republican establishment, are doing the same thing with respect to Donald Trump. That’s because the Democrats, media and establishment GOP combine to make what many refer to as “the swamp.” And a successful Donald Trump Presidency is a threat to their racket, so they’re doing everything they can to destroy him. But their claims are dishonest, and increasingly far more destructive to their own credibility than to President Trump’s. And the truly intellectually honest and progress-minded among us, know that. There is real racism that exists in our nation, and thanks to the dishonest media, Democrats and establishment GOP — brand new racism that’s manifesting every day. But Donald Trump is not a racist, and the litany of evidence his opponents use to claim otherwise, is easily disproven.


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