Violent Sexual Assault On CNN

CNN spent most of 2016 profiting off of terrifying content that glorifies sexual assault and violence.

In the year leading up to our nation’s #MeToo awakening, the network — while falsely accusing President Trump of being an admitted sexual predator — was paid by the manufactures of Otezla to promote violent, forcible grabbing/groping.

CNN and its parent company (Turner Broadcasting) willingly accepted the money, which had been thoroughly washed in the blood of sexual assault victims everywhere. And upon receiving that money, CNN then promoted the violence on its airwaves for the better part of [at least] a year.

The content below is extremely violent, and audiences should exercise extreme discretion before viewing the clip.

In the clip, you’ll see a burly woman stalk, gawk at, and ultimately forcibly grab and drag an unwitting female. Shameless and incapable of remorse, the attacker then performs a victory dance presumably over what’s left of her target. And as if the assault itself isn’t terrifying enough, the video also implies that the two women do not know each other. This means the burly woman, weighing approximately twice what her victim did, was a completely unknown assailant to the survivor. The survivor in this case was simply minding her own business, trying to help beautify her neighborhood, when the perpetrator sneaked up behind her and committed the assault.


It’s unfortunate that Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta, Brooke Baldwin and the rest of CNN’s Democrat propagandists have repeatedly leveled false accusations at President Donald Trump, while collecting their own blood money off of this glorification of sexual assault.

Yes, the clip you just watched was in fact staged, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still gruesome. That someone would actually write this type of violence and then pay someone else to promote it across our nation — even during the day when children are watching — is simply unconscionable, and unlike anything we’ve seen since Bernie Sanders’ claim that all women secretly fantasize about being gang-raped.

As for the CNN Fake News Team’s attacks on President Trump, they omit the fact that Trump said “they let you do anything” in the infamous Access Hollywood tapes. The word “let” confers consent, which means contrary to what Jake Tapper et all claim — the President did not in fact “admit to sexual assault.” I guess at CNN, words truly don’t matter!

But even worse than lying about the President and effectively calling him a rapist, the CNN team’s false accusations serve only to dilute the gravity of real sexual assault — and the plight that real victims endure.

Given their history of promoting sexual violence, while leveling false accusations of sexual assault at innocent victims of their horrific smear campaigns, the team at CNN owes the President and our nation a sincere apology.

Author’s Note: There’s nothing funny about sexual assault. However, there’s also nothing funny about hysteria-driven and/or false accusations of it. The above satirical accounting for the Otezla commercial seeks to address both, which are both prevalent on CNN. A notable primer: ‘Making The First Move’ Is Not Sexual Assault


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