Jake Tapper Angrily ‘Derailed’ By Colleague’s Reporting

Jake Tapper seemed upset by explosive reporting on possible FBI corruption, lamenting that it “derailed” his regularly-scheduled Trump bashing.

The report, first introduced by CNN’s own Laura Jarrett, revealed political corruption and partisanship in James Comey’s FBI. The most egregious claims centered on Peter Strzok, a former FBI operative who was recently revealed to express strong pro-Hillary, anti-Trump sentiments.

In addition to his overt partisanship via text messages with another FBI official, Jarrett revealed that Strzok is also the one who convinced Comey to change his wording about Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. The original statement called Clinton’s actions “grossly negligent,” but Strzok reportedly convinced Comey to change those words to “extremely careless.” The legal and political implications of the change were unduly generous to Clinton.

A more thorough look at Strzok’s resume sheds light on why he’s kind of a big deal at this point…

It’s bad. And it’s a lot. The President’s supporters say it not only validates Trump’s claims that the entire investigation is a witch-hunt being embarked on by sore losers, but it may even legally vindicate the President as the pretense of impartiality is now irrefutably disproven.

And that, apparently, doesn’t sit well with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

After breathlessly insisting that “It doesn’t change anything!”, and re-stating all the points that he believes might someday incriminate the president, Tapper’s telling admission slipped: “It might change the subject for some people, as we were derailed here for a little bit as well, but it doesn’t change the facts of the Trump investigation.”


“Derailed?” Seriously, Jake?

What Tapper just told us is that if something in the news even hints at disproving his narrative about Trump being a Russian spy, then he doesn’t consider it “news.” He considers it a derailment from the task at hand which for Tapper, all too obviously at this point, means attacking President Trump — the facts of the case, or the revelations that come with it, be damned.

It’s no wonder President Trump and many of his supporters call partisan news anchors like Jake Tapper “Fake News,” and accuse them of being the opposition party. It’s because partisan news anchors like Jake Tapper give them every reason to believe both of those things are true. And today, unfortunately for Tapper, he let his mask of alleged impartiality slip yet again.




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