CNN’s Racist & Religious Attack On White Christians

Monday night on CNN, host Don Lemon and his panel launched in to a racist attack on white people.

Seemingly befuddled by the news of the day, the trio of anti-Trump activists — Don Lemon, Bakari Sellers and Tara Setmayer — saw their frustrations boil over as they goaded each other in a string of racial and religious attacks on white people and Christians.

The segment began with host Don Lemon relitigating how he thinks people should have responded to the infamous Access Hollywood tapes. (Spoiler alert: He hates you, America. Again. This time for electing Trump.) After nearly pulling a muscle asserting his own anti-Trump commentary, Lemon threw the floor to Democrat strategist Bakari Sellers. “Why is Billy Bush fired, and why does Donald Trump become President of the United States, Bakari?”, Lemon asked.

Sellers’ answer started innocently enough, with the usual Democrat talking points about how much more noble and righteous Democrats are, compared to their evil Republican counterparts. But then it happened…

Remember during the campaign when then-candidate Trump said we’d all get tired of winning? Well I think all the losing has finally caught up to anti-Trump activists Don Lemon, Bakari Sellers and Tara Setmayer (a failed, exiled GOP “strategist” who works generally for the Democrats now). And I say that because on this particular news day, the three became totally shameless as they shared in a racist tirade about how awful Christians who happen to be white are.

“Although we have moral decay going on in our country under the Trump administration, the Republican party needs to look at itself. But even more specifically, and people are gonna get mad at me for saying this, but white evangelicals need to look themselves in the mirror and say ‘What do we stand for?'”

As if moved by the sound of her favorite song, Setmayer immediately began nodding along and muttering her agreement, while a newly-rejuvenated but still-sour-Lemon cheered “Preach, brother! Go on, preach!” Why? Why?”, Lemon begged. “Tell us why. It’s true!”

Sellers then went on tell his story, implying that all white people who go to church on Sunday morning all think alike. And that they all support Roy Moore. And that they should all be ashamed of themselves.


Setmayer and Lemon sat in total agreement throughout Sellers’ bigoted assault on people because of their race and religion. At no point did the CNN host, Don Lemon, even begin to tamp down on the racist and bigoted diatribe that was taking place on the CNN set.

To the contrary, Lemon seemed to be in total agreement.

Setmayer then piled on as well, reinforcing her belief that all white people who are Christians all think alike, and that they should all be treated like a monolith, and that they should all be ashamed of themselves if their political and social views differ from her own.

In any other forum, about any other religion, about any other race, this type of regressive and bigoted labeling and color-over-character condemnation would rightly be stopped in its tracks. But on CNN, it appears increasingly to be not only enabled but celebrated.

Still, as a Christian, I’m taught first to love, and second not to judge. And while I wouldn’t presume to lecture Setmayer, Sellers or Lemon about their understanding of Christianity — I will note that their version sounds a lot more judgmental and a lot less loving and forgiving than the one I was taught…and I’m guessing the one that a lot of other Christians were taught, too. But that’s just my hunch. As for the race issue, I can’t speak to that, because I think it’s wrong to characterize people based on their skin color. But again, that’s just me.

You all do you, Lemon, Sellers and Setmayer. You all do you. But it’s racist, and it’s the antithesis of Christianity that many of us believe in.


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