Two Interviews Show Jake Tapper’s Bias

When Jake Tapper on Sunday interviewed both a Democrat and a Republican, his bias became even easier to spot.

All day every day you can find Jake Tapper nearly weeping in to the camera as he pitches Democrat propaganda and calls it “news.” Intellectually dishonest and clearly partisan, Jake Tapper has actually become the posterboy for what has rightly come to be known as “Fake News.”

Today we decided to compare and contrast Tapper’s “CNN State Of The Union” interviews with Democrat Senator Mark Warner, and Republican Senator Tim Scott.

The differences were stark.


Tapper’s first question to the Democrat was “Whom do you believe?”, referring to either President Trump or James Comey.

Tapper’s next question wasn’t a question at all. It was a comment. And the comment was that President Trump’s behavior “seems to be in the territory of obstruction of justice.”

Tapper’s third question was the closest to tough we’ll find today, for the Democrat. Talking about the Trump campaign and Russia, Tapper asked “Is there any evidence of collusion?”

Tapper’s fourth question was a life-jacket-cloaked extension of the third. As Warner tried to dance around the fact that after nearly a year they still have no evidence of collusion, Tapper helped him along “So no actual concrete proof yet?”

For his fifth question, Tapper pretended to believe that former Trump adviser K.T. McFarland would talk about Russia having “just thrown U.S.A. election to [Trump].” The quote is taken from one of McFarland’s emails and it’s clear from the context that she’s using the voice of would-be Democrat opposition to Trump. But Tapper wants viewers to be skeptical about that, putting the White House explanation on trial: “The Trump team is saying she’s just saying that’s how Democrats are going to describe it. She’s not declaring that as a fact.” That’s it. That’s the question for this Democrat Senator. A simple invitation to deliberately take a Trump associate’s obvious words as far as out of context as humanly possible.

Tapper’s final question was a sterile, entirely unremarkable one about the tax bill: “Is there any chance that this bill will not become law?”



For his first question to the Republican, Tapper challenged “Do you have any reason to believe that Comey was lying under oath?”

Tapper’s second question was “Do you agree with that?”, in reference to suggestions that President Trump not pardon Michael Flynn.

For his third question, Tapper chewed up about 30 seconds building a case straight out of the Democrats’ talking points about how awful and evil the GOP tax bill is, finally asking “How is this bill not burdening younger generations with the cost of this tax bill?”

Tapper’s fourth question was an extension of the third, badgering Scott with yet more of the Democrats’ most-used talking points. And again it wasn’t a question, but a comment: “But the Joint Committee On Taxation said that even with growth, this bill is going to add a trillion dollars to the national debt.”

Tapper next attacked the Republican and his peers for “big criticisms” regarding the process of how the tax bill was passed, checking off lazy Democrat talking points like “making changes at the last minute, some of them handwritten in the margins” and even including a clip of Elizabeth Warren lambasting the bill and process. After nearly a full minute of Tapper asserting and promoting Democrat talking points, the loaded and laziest-in-DC question finally came: “Were you able to read the entire bill before you voted on it?”

For his sixth and final question, Tapper again began by editorializing the preface of the question with Democrat talking points and anti-GOP characterizations. And then, finally, Tapper’s last attempt to embarrass the Republican: “Just as a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ was this the process that you had hoped for, to have all these changes made at the last minute?”



Jake Tapper’s interview with the Democrat was entirely on point with the Democrats’ universal talking points, ultimately giving his Democrat guest a forum to reinforce the Left’s positions:

  • Trump is a liar, Comey is a man of great honor and patriotism. Right?
  • Trump is probably almost definitely guilty of obstruction of justice. Right?
  • Do we have any evidence of collusion yet?
  • But just because we don’t have evidence of collusion now, doesn’t mean we won’t get it soon? Cool.
  • That former Trump adviser K.T. McFarland admitted that Russia threw the US election to Trump because we all know that’s what happened and she totally just admitted it because that’s the most plausible thing in the world. Right?
  • The tax bill that — when not intimating that Trump is a racist, rapist or Russian spy — I’ve spent the entire last week trashing, and will continue spending the next several years trashing, will probably become a law. Right?

Jake Tapper’s interview with the Republican was also entirely on point with the Democrats’ universal talking points, ultimately forcing the Republican guest to play defense the entire time:

  • Either prove to me that Comey lied under oath, or admit that Trump is a liar.
  • No one has talked about Trump pardoning Flynn in months, but in an effort to put a cloud over Trump, I’m going to manufacture a narrative that it’s a legitimate item for us to discuss today. Bolster my manufactured narrative, and respond to it.
  • The Republican tax bill means death and worse to younger generations. Respond to that.
  • The Republican tax bill means death and worse for all Americans. Respond to that.
  • You should be ashamed of yourself. I’ll let Elizabeth Warren explain what I mean.
  • No. Seriously. You should be ashamed of yourself. Admit that you are.

Interviewers should make politicians answer the hard questions. But hour after hour, day after day, week after week — the hosts on CNN routinely help Democrats bolster their narratives, while hostilely putting Republicans in far more defensive positions. And it happens all day, every day. And it’s why most of the country now views CNN as “Fake News.” They’re much closer to a Democrat propaganda wing than an actual news organization. And Jake Tapper’s performance today, contrasting how he helps and enables the Democrat while badgering and attacking the Republican, is just one more in a long line of examples.

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