Two CNN Anchors Shot Down By Fellow Anti-Trump Guests [VIDEOS]

With a major legislative accomplishment appearing increasingly imminent for President Trump, the partisan anchors at CNN have turned their dials up to “11.”

Don Lemon, Brooke Baldwin, Mark Preston and Erin Burnett have each asserted with resolute certainty that there are serious questions about President Trump’s mental fitness.

Their unhinged claims are predicated on entirely unverified reports from The New York Times that, sometime before his inauguration, President Trump might have suggested that the voice on the Access Hollywood tapes wasn’t actually his own.

That’s it. That’s the alleged evidence that’s surfaced, which has them all now diving head first in to the most egregious of assertions.

They’ve been down this road before, typically with some help from equally anti-Trump contributors and guests. But this time around, it’s the CNN employees themselves who have taken the lead on the “Trump is literally insane” narrative.

Tonight, the ridiculous claim even made its way to their chyron.

I can recall both Matt Lewis and Ben Shapiro, in the past, trying to help the CNN hosts and reporters understand that when they attack President Trump’s mental stability, it’s they — the CNN team — who lose credibility. But that was several months ago or more, and there’s no sign that CNN producers will let Shapiro or Lewis back on during this network-wide meltdown.

So instead, the task is left to other sober-minded guests. And tonight, anti-Trump Senatorial Independent Angus King had to do the work. When baited by host Erin Burnett to weigh in on the President’s sanity (or lack of), King could barely follow the supposedly non-partisan anchor’s logic. She had to try and try again to get Senator King to affirm what Burnett and so many of her colleagues had been asserting for over 24 hours now.

Leaning on her “evidence” as reported by Maggie Haberman at The New York Times (which was based on a completely unverified conversation with an anonymous source), Burnett again insisted as fact that President Trump is out there in the world somewhere right now utterly convinced that it was not his voice on the Access Hollywood tape. Watch below as Senator King (again, no friend to President Trump) struggles uncomfortably to keep up before ultimately shooting down Burnett and her unhinged inference.


And last night, it was Nick Kristoff of the New York Times who had to uncomfortably navigate Don Lemon’s insistence that President Trump is certifiably insane.


Kristoff’s expert navigation aside, I can think of several reasons why the swamp media are all eyeballs deep in this totally ridiculous “story” about President Trump not believing the voice on the infamous Access Hollywood tape was his own: 1) They’d love to relitigate that entire episode and force the President to address it, 2) They love any negative story they can run about him, 3) Trump continues to chalk up wins including the tax reform plan which appears to be imminent, and that crushes them since they’ve all spent his entire Presidency trying desperately to destroy him.

Whatever the reason, it’s evident on CNN every time I’ve tuned in over the last 24 hours: Because of the ridiculous NYT story that would barely even be news even it had been credibly vetted, they’re all saying out loud that they think President Trump is literally insane.

Don Lemon last night, Brooke Baldwin today, Mark Preston and Erin Burnett — all saying out loud that they think President Trump has lost his grip on reality.

Where can they possibly go from here? They’ve called him a Russian spy. They’ve called him a rapist. They’ve called him a criminal. They’ve called him a racist. Now they’re calling him crazy. What do they have left?

Still not tired of winning.

Author’s Note: Apologies for not having examples of Brooke Baldwin and Mark Preston both making the same wild accusation, but I promise you it’s out there for anyone who has access to archives. The date is 11/29/17, and my guess is that literally every host and CNN employee who has been on, has indicated that they think President Trump is literally insane. And that might not sound like a big deal relative to all of their other unhinged accusations, but it is a bridge too-far for most in their world to go along with, and begs the question “Where can they possibly go from here?”


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