Nicolle Wallace Levels Asinine Accusation At Trump Supporters

Exiled GOP swamp bottom-feeder and newly-minted darling of the Left, Nicolle Wallace, made a ridiculous accusation about Trump supporters who were — perhaps foolishly — courteous enough to give her some of their time.

Wallace, who built a career helping the GOP lose and later re-invented herself as a critic of any in the GOP who actually win, was speaking Tuesday afternoon on MSNBC when she leveled the charge. Asked by host Katy Tur what she discovered when she visited Pennsylvania to talk with Trump voters a year after the President’s historic win, Wallace said…

I really pressed them on what we’re doing wrong. We in the media. And they think that we should cover up the instances in which Trump looks bad.

Really, Nicolle? That’s what they said? They said “You guys need to cover up things that make Trump look bad?”


Just to be really clear here: No one anywhere would ever say or even imply something so incredibly ridiculous. But Wallace leveled the charge, which of course went unchallenged by the equally-dishonest Tur.

What the voters more likely asserted was the perfectly fair assessment that the media almost universally characterizes the news from an anti-Trump perspective. As noted often in recent months: Media bias in 2017 is rarely about absence of fact, and often about prominence of characterization. The “news” is just the facts, and the “fake news” starts where the partisan characterization of those facts begins.

Apparently disheartened by Trump’s ongoing support despite the media characterizing everything from an anti-Trump perspective, many in the media are now outright mischaracterizing what was actually said. They’re effectively just lying now. And Wallace’s absolutely ludicrous accusation is just the latest example of that.

To wrap it up: Trump voters tell exiled GOP grifter turned liberal darling Nicolle Wallace to stop lying about the news. And while trying to tell that story, Nicolle Wallace lies about the news. What more can you expect? President Trump and his supporters are a threat to the swamp that the establishment GOP, Democrats and mainstream media have lived off of for decades. And that’s a good thing. And we’re going to keep calling out the lying media and we’re going to keep winning. It’s over, Nicolle. You lost, and you’re going to keep losing, because we’re putting America First.

UPDATE: Since I didn’t include the full interview and my lunch break is now over, a quick update on what actually happened.

And for what it’s worth, one person eluded to the media not giving President Trump a fair shake. But Wallace — in her laziness, insecurity and zeal for dishonesty — said “they” while mischaracterizing what that one individual said. The intellectual dishonesty and flagrant bias is so sprawling that it’s hard to even capture with words. But it’s there for all to see, and most, thankfully, do so clearly.

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