CNN’s Primetime Embarrassment

CNN on Thursday night gave viewers yet more evidence that the network isn’t even trying to hide its anti-Trump bias.

While teeing up a segment about a disgruntled Twitter employee who abused his or her power to disrupt President Trump’s Twitter account, the reliably partisan Don Lemon squeed “Hire that person!”


The implication is obvious: Don Lemon and CNN will celebrate anyone who tries to silence President Trump — no matter how unsavory, unscrupulous or dishonest that person may be.

While CNN has no shortage of self-righteous Democrat propagandists masquerading as impartial news professionals, Lemon is considered by many media critics to be in a wildly partisan league of his own. If a guest breathes even one word about the host or network’s anti-Trump biases, Lemon will cut everyone’s mics while he launches in to a several-minutes-long tirade about how fair, honest and impartial he is.

Tonight’s lazy potshot at President Trump proves yet again that he’s none of those things.


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