CNN’s Anderson Cooper Heckled By Trump Supporters [VIDEO]

Reporting from the streets of NYC on Tuesday night, Anderson Cooper was heckled by onlookers over CNN’s negative treatment of President Trump.

Cooper was at the scene in Manhattan where radical Islamic terrorist Sayfullo Saipov used a pick-up truck to kill 8 innocent people. At least two media justice warriors stood just off camera, challenging Cooper and CNN over the network’s anti-Trump reporting.

A woman can be heard shouting, “You’re reporting on an ISIS attack, right?” Cooper is clearly distracted by the heckling but rather than engage directly with the people, he simply continues his broadcast.

So the hecklers continue, too.

A man shouts “Where’s Kathy!?”, presumably referring to Kathy Griffin, who was recently fired from CNN after depicting herself holding a gory likeness of President Trump’s decapitated head.

The woman heckler goes on, mockingly: “Are you going to tell us how evil Trump is?” She then asks, “How’s the travel ban looking now?!”


Just before they go to break, someone can be heard begging the question “You’re journalists?” It’s unclear if the hecklers said it to CNN’s crew, or if CNN’s crew said it to the hecklers. All we know for sure is that people on the street are standing up to CNN and calling out the network’s persistently anti-Trump bias. And that’s a good thing.

After all: The First Amendment doesn’t say anything about being polite, right Jake Tapper?

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