So Many Liberal Tears; So Much Winning

The persistently anti-Trump NYMag and its persistently anti-Trump Andrew Sullivan gave President Trump and his supporters a lot to smile about.

In a piece titled “This Is What The Trump Abyss Looks Like” that was intended to damage the President, Sullivan began with several paragraphs that could’ve easily been written by one of the President’s most effective surrogates.

If you support President Trump and aren’t yet tired of winning, then just sit back and enjoy…

The past week was another watershed, it seems to me, in the rising power of Donald Trump. Flake is quitting; Corker is retiring; McCain is mortal. Sasse, Murkowski, Collins, and Paul remain, but the odds are mounting against them. A new slew of Bannonite candidates is emerging from under various rocks and crannies to take their places. The Trump propaganda machine was given a chance to turn the Russia story into a Clinton scandal – lowering even further the possibility of impeachment – and gleefully took it. The FBI is the next target for a barrage of hostile propaganda, since it might expose the Supreme Leader. Mueller is being daily savaged in the right wing press. Outside Washington, Trump’s targets are faltering. The NFL is reeling; a Gold Star widow is attacked; Obamacare is at risk of being sabotaged to death; the EPA is castrated.

This time last year, I warned about an abyss. This is what it looks like.

The Congress is paralyzed, reduced entirely to staffing the judiciary with the far right; it can pass no significant legislation and reach no compromise on anything, without Trump undermining it. The bureaucracy is shell-shocked and demoralized; the State Department is a wasteland; the press has sunk even further into public disdain. The police are increasingly seen either as incapable of error, or morally suspect. The essential civilian control of the military has been weakened, with an embittered general’s honor now deployed as a way to play political defense in front of the press corps. “My generals”, as the president calls them, as if they swear loyalty to him and not to the Constitution. The Republican candidate for the Senate from Alabama, Roy Moore, believes that there should be a religious test for public office. As Ben Sasse blurted out yesterday: “It feels like this party I’m a member of has gone post-Constitutional.”

But for a few obvious exceptions — what Sullivan calls “the abyss,” I call paradise.

Granted it’s not helpful or healthy to gloat, but a little schadenfreude in moderation never hurt anyone. And with the fake news media in full defense mode trying to whitewash the Hillary stories, we can all let our guards down briefly to enjoy this moment.

In the interest of intellectual honesty and full disclosure, I should note that Sullivan does go on to attack President Trump in starker terms. Among other things, he insists that President Trump will never be able to unite our country. And at the current pace, with the current messaging that’s in place, I’m inclined to agree. But I think if President Trump and the GOP can come together on some forward-thinking messaging about abandoning identity politics and making American united again — that he could unite our nation in ways many of us never dreamed possible in our lifetimes.

But we’ll save all that for another day. For now, gloat. We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of the greatest, most important political upset of all time. And despite lies and obstruction from the mainstream media, Hollywood, academia, Obama’s politicized government holdovers, the entire Democrat party and the establishment GOP (ie “the swamp”), President Trump has still chalked up a litany of wins with a lot more to come. And he has the swamp absolutely reeling. And you’re allowed to enjoy that.

H/T Dan Riehl, who brought Sullivan’s piece to light…

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