My Role & Goals; Why I’m ‘Here’

There’s a group of conservative media heavy-hitters who I engage with behind the scenes. Since my posts here are pretty sporadic, I’ll usually send along the new ones to make sure they don’t miss anything. (Just yesterday, Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire actually used and credited one of my posts.)

Today I sent that group a note that felt like a good one to share here, too. Here’s the excerpt that explains a little more about why I’m involved and what my goals are…

I don’t “watch” CNN. I monitor it.

It’s one of the reasons I get more mad at “our side” than anyone else. I immerse myself in what the other side is saying, and usually walk away with uncharted ideas on how to combat it.

I don’t get my cues from Rush or Sean. Or President Trump.

In fact, most of what I assert doesn’t ring well with your audiences (the already-faithful). But it’s pretty good…very good…in terms of putting the Left in meaningful defensive postures. And that’s really what I’m here for. I want to disarm and defeat those who promote division and devalue Liberty, so that recreationally-engaged onlookers (not the already-faithful) might start nodding along with us for a change.

From my seat, that is how we start winning socially and culturally. And when we win socially and culturally, then we can finally start affecting meaningful change legislatively as well. But until we start winning socially and culturally — which is a huge lift considering the Left have virtually all of Hollywood, academia and the mainstream media on their side — any change we effect in DC will be short-lived.

Moving policy to the left is easy. The Left’s entire platform is predicated on “Giving is good,” which is why it’s so hard to undo the laws they enact. But moving policy to the right is extremely difficult. Our message and ideas are much tougher to sell, and we can’t expect people to have an “Aha!” moment about the moral, social and political exceptionalism of individual liberty. But the fact remains: Until we start winning socially and culturally — getting our largely recreationally-engaged electorate to nod along with us for a change — it’s not going to happen in any meaningful or lasting way.

As noted many times in the last few years, there are four things we should be doing…

1) Sustain a united Right, 2) Attract disaffected Democrats and/or recreationally-engaged new voters 3) Disarm the biased media, and 4) Put Democrats so far on defense that they’re forced to repackage their entire platform.

We can and should be doing all of these things, but most on our side only do the first one. Whether it’s the Republican party (politicians, strategists, advisers, consultants and other swamp monsters) or conservative media (pretty much all of them), the foremost goal is only to generate engagement from those who already agree with them. But we have the ingredients to do the other three. We just need the will to do it. And for now, even though my stuff doesn’t go over super well with “the base,” that’s what I’m focused on. I’m focused on doing the other three things that we can and should be doing, but aren’t. And since most of the news and chatter I consume comes from the other side (understand your opposition to mitigate your opposition), I have some pretty good ideas on how to do those other three things.

So I’m going to keep looking for ways to communicate that, even amid great frustration at times, until more of our most influential voices start to come around. That’s what I’m here for.

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