While Trying To Disprove Anti-White Bigotry, College Professor Accidentally Reveals His Anti-White Bigotry [VIDEO]

Temple University’s Marc Lamont Hill tried on Wednesday, and badly failed, to dismiss the idea that white people are discriminated against in America.

It started with CNN’s Don Lemon introducing a poll wherein 55% of white respondents said they felt discriminated against in the USA.

But before the discussion of the poll even began, Hill was already laughing about its conclusion. Lemon, always happy to bolster whatever narrative his peer Democrats are pursuing, responded by laughing along with Hill and giving him the floor.

When given the opportunity to react to a poll that showed a large number of white people feeling discriminated against based on their skin color, the very first words out of Hill’s mouth discriminated against white people based on their skin color.

Yes. Really.


We see this quite a bit these days. It’s now normalized to use “white” as a pejorative when discussing skin color.

“It’s nothing but a bunch of old white men.”

“It’s just a bunch of white people talking.”

The disparaging bigotry can be found during almost any given hour on CNN or MSNBC. And the aspersion is often cast by people who themselves are white.

It’s interesting…

  • When the Left talk about blacks, Hispanics, gays, women or Muslims — what they really mean are “people who oppose Trump.” We know this because if you’re black, Hispanic, gay, female or Muslim and you support Trump, then you don’t really count to them. You’re just an anomaly.
  • But when the Left talk about “white people,” they only mean Trump supporters. And we know this because if you’re a white person who doesn’t support Trump, then you’re considered “one of the good ones.”
  • And here’s the real kicker, which has existed long before Trump came on the scene: If you’re unsure about whether or not a group of Leftists actually accepts you as one of their own, then just say something snarky about white people, or talk about black people like they’re a monolith who have special needs based on their skin color — and you’re in. Only by showing them that you share their bigotry, can you prove to Leftists today that you’re not in fact a bigot.

Here’s a real time search on Twitter for the phrases “white people” and “black people.” Take a look and compare the two. You’ll find attacking “white people” is exponentially more pervasive and permissive. Neither should be okay, but it’s clear that our society today thinks attacking “white people” is perfectly acceptable.

None of this is to be confused for some gateway to a need for white protectionism. I’ve many times made clear my aversion to that obvious path to outright racism. (Here, and here, and here for just a few examples.) But there absolutely is anti-white sentiment in America, just as there’s absolutely anti-black sentiment. And none among us — regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion — are immune to bigotry when it’s leveled at us as individuals. It’s not okay when it’s anti-black. It’s not okay when it’s anti-Hispanic. It’s not okay when it’s anti-woman, anti-gay, or anti-Muslim. And it’s not okay when it’s anti-white. And if Marc Lamont Hill, Don Lemon and Ben Ferguson aren’t able to see that — then I’m going to point it out to them.

Judging yourself or others based on skin color is not okay. It doesn’t matter who else does it. It doesn’t matter how much they do it. It’s not okay for you to do it. Period. Full stop.


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