Hoax Hate Crimes More Pervasive Than Real Hate Crimes

It’s endemic at this point: Liberal activists manufacturing hoax hate crimes to bolster their claims that the USA is a cesspool of hatred and bigotry.

The timetable has become all too predictable:

  • An overtly racist crime is reported.
  • There are no suspects or leads.
  • The preponderance of these incidents turn out to be hoaxes, but the media ignores that.
  • They report on the incident at face value, assuming that there is in fact some racist out there who thinks spray painting “ME AND TRUMP HATE NI**ERS” is an effective means of social-political action.
  • The media spins the story almost immediately into a broader analysis of “Trump’s America.”
  • They host 27 guests over the next hour that include 1 or 2 people who presumably do not hate President Trump with every fiber of their being.
  • The 25 other guests, with the help of the host, express their disgust and disbelief over the allegedly pervasive hatred and bigotry that’s so commonplace now that Donald Trump is the President.
  • Their liberal audiences devour the narrative, gorging on an all-they-can-eat buffet of confirmation bias.
  • The foregone conclusion is reinforced: “Everyone knows that hatred and bigotry are rampant in ‘Trump’s America.'”
  • The supposed “latest example” of pro-Trump hatred and bigotry permeates for months across all news and social media platforms, fueling ferocity and angst that deepen our nation’s most explosive divides.
  • Eventually we learn that the hate crime was actually a hoax; perpetrated by a liberal activist.
  • The media ignore that story entirely, and the liberal activist community shrugs.
  • Repeat.

It always reminds me of this scene from “Billy Madison.” (Starts at 50 seconds, ends at 2 minutes.)

When the Left’s lies are shot down they proudly regret nothing and casually default to something wildly more general: “Well yeah but everyone knows Trump is a racist and so are his supporters, so you can just imagine how many real hate crimes are really going on right now amirite!?!?”

The real danger is that when the media reports these fake news stories, they’re actually creating brand new hate and pain.

For example: Jake Tapper tells the story about some poor Muslim woman being harassed by a Trump supporter. Liberal activists watching Jake’s emotional testimony become outraged. They were already outraged, but now they’re more outraged. Some have at this point hit their outrage threshold. They decide it’s their moral obligation to go commit their own hate crimes against Trump supporters. Some put on masks and show up at Trump rallies armed to the teeth with weapons of crass destruction. Others might spend months crafting exhaustive assassination plots outside of GOP baseball practices. And others, so upset by the news that a weeping Jake Tapper so emotionally shared with them, will go out and fabricate their own hoax hate crimes just to help “prove the point” that with Trump as President, America is now overrun with evil and ugliness.

The irresponsibility of the media here is staggering, but unsurprising. The vast majority of the news media has become nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Democrat party and broader anti-Trump movement. And as noted many times on these pages, the anti-Trump forces — starting with the Democrats but bleeding also in to the establishment GOP — thrive off of our nation’s division, disparity and destruction. Business is good for these groups when there are social or cultural crises that they can exploit. So the media will gladly help by hyping up every alleged “hate crime” they can, and then ignoring the last chapter of the stories where the perpetrator turns out to be a liberal activist “just trying to prove a point.”

That they’re actually creating brand new hatred and division is of little consequence to the Democrat propagandists in the media. To the contrary, it’s actually great for their professional and political interests — both of which are threatened by a successful Trump Presidency.

So another day, another “hate crime” that turns out to be a hoax. Another several million social media posts about just how bad things are with Trump as President, still lingering under the pretense that Trump supporters are out there beating up Muslim women and drawing Swastikas on college campuses. Another several months of panel discussions, all blindly assuming that every alleged hate crime is exactly what it appears to be — all recruiting more liberal activists to be even more filled with rage — all ignoring the conclusion where we learn that it was a hoax.

The media want you to believe that hate crimes are pervasive in the United States now that Donald Trump is President. They want that to be the trending story of our time, informing most if not all others. In reality, when it comes to hate crimes, the media’s own dereliction of duty is the real story. The preponderance of evidence at this point suggests that hoax hate crimes are far more pervasive in the United States than real hate crimes. And by ignoring that reality and instead assuming the worst at every turn, the media is creating more hatred and pain. And that’s just fine with Jake Tapper and Don Lemon, because as is the case with their Democrat allies: Creating hatred and pain is their best hope of defeating President Trump and saving themselves.

This post was written after seeing this article at The Daily Caller, about a black man being arrested for writing racist graffiti on a college campus. But as noted, there are tons of these stories for anyone who cares to find them…

Here’s an earlier piece I wrote with several examples

Here’s a Google search for “hoax hate crimes”

And here’s a website that specifically tracks them: www.FakeHateCrimes.org



  1. […] CNN, the biggest name in fake news, will spend hours exploiting racially-charged stories that only create more negativity and hatred. They tell the story, as they always do, from a left-sided perspective that exploits rather than conveys the news of the moment. And weeks later when it’s revealed that the hate crime was a hoax, they either don’t cover it at all or cover it just long enough to get the sentence out. They ignore entirely the bigger story about the epidemic of hoax hate crimes being manufactured by minorities all across our nation. But that’s understandable because they, the media, are largely the ones stoking the fear and inspiring those hoax hate crimes. (RELATED: Hoax Hate Crimes More Pervasive Than Real Hate Crimes) […]


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