When It Comes To Trump, Media Hates Context

While intellectual dishonesty is pervasive on both sides of the aisle, it was most glaring this past week among the anti-Trump media. Here’s why…

The story of the week was President Trump’s phone call to Myeshia Johnson; the widow of fallen hero La David Johnson.

The word of the week is context.

Here’s what actually happened: President Trump called a Gold Star widow to offer condolences for her loss. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who staunchly opposes President Trump and even refused to attend his inauguration, listened in on the call. She then went to the media and said President Trump insulted the family by saying that Sgt. Johnson “knew what he was getting in to.”

“How insensitive can you be?”, Congresswoman Wilson asked while being interviewed on CBS.

This is where context comes in to play. There are two contexts in which the words “he knew what he was getting in to” might be leveled.

1). He knew what he was getting in to, because he was a brave man who was willing to give his life for our country.


2). He knew what we he was getting in to, so stop crying about it and acting like it wasn’t his own fault.

To believe Congresswoman Wilson and the media, you’d have to believe that the context of President Trump’s tone was consistent with the second version. And just to be really clear on this: No sober-minded person legitimately believes that President Trump would call a grieving widow and pick a fight over the veracity of her grief. But many on the Left, like Representative Wilson and most of the mainstream media, will pretend that they absolutely believe that. Or they’ll go the Jake Tapper route, saying something like “It’s entirely plausible that this President did pick a fight with this grieving widow, and we know that based on his own actions and words in the past.” They’ll do everything they can to give the story oxygen. And that includes asserting intellectual dishonesty to manufacture fake news in an effort to hurt President Trump. They do it all the time.

Too often we fail to take the media’s ridiculous and unhinged stories to their logical conclusions. And this is one of those moments. There’s absolutely no way on earth that President Trump would call a grieving, Gold Star widow and decide to lecture or badger her because her late husband “knew what he was getting in to.” It just didn’t happen. The truth is that his remarks were sincere, and at the very worst, they were taken out of context by the family. But I honestly doubt that happened, either. My guess is that Congresswoman Wilson reacted to President Trump’s words before anyone in the family did. My guess is that she set the tone for the negative reaction with visual cues or body language. That while the family would, could and should have been able to find the sincerity in the President’s words, all hope of that connection was lost when Wilson inappropriately inserted her own politics in to the moment. Of course we’ll never know that for sure, but I do know that you couldn’t infer negativity from President Trump’s words on that call unless you came to the party working hard to infer negativity from President Trump’s words on that call.

No matter where or why the disconnect occurred, in the end, Congresswoman Wilson and the mainstream media used a grieving, Gold Star family to help manufacture yet another anti-Trump narrative. And most people see right through it, because most people are intellectually honest and able to infer context — even after it’s so badly muddled by media’s anti-Trump absurdities.

Later in the week, General John Kelly (President Trump’s Chief-Of-Staff) spoke to reporters about Wilson’s inappropriate politicizing of that sacred moment between a President and a grieving Gold Star family. During his comments, Kelly misquoted remarks that Congresswoman Wilson had made years before at an event they both attended. Kelly said Wilson engaged in self-promotion at an inappropriate time. He said she talked about how she was responsible for getting the funding for a federal building that was being dedicated that day. A video later surfaced of the speech she gave, and she didn’t mention funding. But she did engage in about 5 minutes of pure self-promotion. So the context of Kelly’s accounting holds true. But according to the media, yet again, only because it suits their anti-Trump positioning — context doesn’t matter. They’re now saying that General John Kelly, a Gold Star father himself, owes Congresswoman Frederica Wilson an apology “for lying about her.”

Finally, the media is continuing their claim that the only reason they’re covering yet another petty and divisive story, is because President Trump forced them to. According to Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper and Don Lemon, they’d much rather be talking about more important and substantive news. But gosh darnit, President Trump just won’t let them! This, of course, is total garbage. The media cover whatever they want to cover. They’re veracious spin artists who can take the smallest, most intellectually dishonest and insignificant story — and weave it in to a national crisis that they claim every American should be deeply concerned about. And every time there’s an opportunity to hurt President Trump, that’s exactly what they do.

Media bias in 2017 isn’t about absence of fact. It’s about how the media characterize those facts. And everywhere you look you can find anchors and reporters behaving like Democrat propagandists instead of impartial media figures. They persistently characterize the news from an anti-Trump perspective. And this week, on this absurd story that served only to exploit the grief of a Gold Star family, we saw the media sink to multiple new lows in order to do so. The real story of the week isn’t about President Trump or the widow Myeshia Johnson or even what happened in Niger. The real story this week, as is the case so often during this Presidency, is the media’s deliberate intellectual dishonesty that they use to manufacture fake news in an effort to divide our nation and damage President Trump. That’s the story that drives all others, and the one every American should be aware of if they plan to ever watch the news at any point in the next 7 years.

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