Conservative Messengers Drop The Ball, Again

The NFL protests present a tremendous opportunity for the GOP and conservative media to do some real good, and they’re missing that opportunity by a mile.

First and foremost: We’re missing the opportunity to accurately appropriate blame for the disparities that black people in America disproportionately endure. I wrote about this in detail yesterday, but to summarize: The problem is single parent homes, not “racism.” And no matter how many times Democrat propagandists like Jake Tapper roll their eyes at that assertion, it’s the empirically-proven reality.

No one is talking about that. No one is addressing what the players are actually protesting, because most on our side lack either the courage or the intellectual curiosity to do so. And because no one is talking about it, a whole series of other problems and subsequent failures emerge…


There is real racism in America. And there is real racial disparity. And in many ways, both of those things are only getting worse as the generations go on. But as was the case in 1863 and 1964, the Democrats are most responsible for the racism, racial disparity and racial discord that our nation is seeing explode in 2017. They actually thrive off of identity-based division, hate and pain — and thus create and enable each. And we’re letting them. We’re not doing anything about it. We’re standing here twiddling our thumbs and, at best, throwing a little fuel on the fire to help them out. Here’s a ProTip for the GOP swamp bottom-feeders out there (ie, “strategists and advisers”): What the GOP can “do for” black people is stop chasing Democrats’ divisive insistence that their skin color means they can, should or need to be given special treatment. Stop chasing Democrats’ divisive messaging on what we’ll “do for black people,” and start leading with our inspired messaging about treating people as individuals instead of as races. Or ethnicities. Or genders. Or sexual orientations. There is real racial division and pain that still exists in America and that’s manifesting anew, and we on the Right have a real opportunity to create healing and unity (as we’ve done throughout our nation’s history). But instead we’re doing nothing. We’re saying nothing. And when we do speak up, it’s laughably unproductive. Our defenses typically start with “Robert Byrd!” and end with “Chicago!” And that’s a problem. And it’s a real missed opportunity.


To truly make America great again, we need to make America united again. I pleaded with many in President Trump’s inner circle to adopt this pursuit, to no avail. Imagine where we’d be at this stage if we had adopted “Make America United Again” in the last six months of the campaign. Or even in the first few months of the Presidency. It pains me to think about how much ground we could have covered, and how much we could’ve disarmed the media and Democrats who persistently attack us with the lazy, unfounded, destructive “That’s racist!” charge. And “Make America United Again” isn’t just politically expedient, but it’s also necessary, and noble, and within our reach. And as we fail to address the real issues behind the NFL (and Black Lives Matter) protests, we’re missing yet another opportunity to introduce “Make America United Again.” And that’s a real problem. And it’s a real missed opportunity.


If we truly want to make America great again, then we need the meaningful contribution of all of our citizens. But we sit around doing nothing as the Democrats segregate our nation by identity; as they shackle those segregated communities with manufactured perceptions of grievance; as once-powerful individual US citizens relegate themselves to members of an assigned group wherein they’re to assume perpetual grievance. Liberty is the sole conduit between one’s life and one’s pursuit for happiness, and we sit around and do nothing as Democrats corrupt and crush the individual liberty of those US citizens who they segregate-by-identity. There are plenty of happy, Liberty-rich, unaggrieved Americans who happen to also be black, Hispanic, gay, female and/or Muslim. They’re called “Republicans” and they ride the Trump Train to and from work each day. We can and should be inspiring individuals and disarming the Democrats who deprive them of their birthright as US citizens, but instead we do nothing. And it’s a real problem. And it’s a real missed opportunity.


Everything cited above is extremely painful to watch for those with the burdensome ability to see it. We’re seeing literal segregation be celebrated as “progress,” and metaphoric slavery be praised as “social justice.” We’re seeing individuals and families destroyed by Democrats’ historically-consistent penchants for dividing and controlling people. And we’re seeing many in the GOP, conservative media and non-profits enrich themselves and each other while doing nothing to stem the actual problems. It’s all devastating to watch play out. But the icing on the cake is that while the Democrats create and thrive off of division and destruction, and our most amplified messengers get fat and happy while doing nothing about it, the Democrats then turn around and blame us for the racial disparity and discord that they’re sowing. And they’re not blaming Jonah Goldberg. Or Katie Pavlich. Or Ben Shapiro. They’re blaming us, in the grassroots. “The rubes” who buy the books, click the links, donate and vote. And the mainstream media, along with Hollywood and academia, reinforce that misappropriation of blame every chance they get. And all the problems get worse…

The root problem for disparity in the US — broken homes — gets worse because they completely ignore it. (In fact they often glorify it.)

The surface problem — more frequent interactions with law enforcement — gets worse because they misappropriate blame for it and thus do nothing to mitigate it.

The overarching problem — racism — gets worse because they’re teaching black people to hate white people. And they’re teaching some white people to hate white people, too. And they’re teaching other white people to hate black people. They’re imagining ubiquitous and consequential racism where only fringe and marginalized racism exists. And they’re using it as a scapegoat, and as a result only making a lot more people a lot more racist. People of all colors who weren’t racist before, are becoming racist now.

And the Democrats get more powerful socially and culturally. And we become weaker as a movement. And more divided as a nation. And yet we do nothing. We sit around watching it happen. And it’s a real problem. And it’s a real missed opportunity.


I spent my week begging top influencers at TownHall, Breitbart, The Daily Wire, The Weekly Standard, National Review, Daily Caller, American Spectator and even NY Post to help get a better message out — and none would. They lack either the vision, intellectual curiosity or courage to actually take these important steps forward. Same goes for the GOP and all of its strategists, advisers and consultants swamp bottom-feeders. While we can and should be 1) Mitigating racial disparity, 2) Making America united, and 3) Driving the contribution of all of our citizens by 4) Enabling individual liberty, while also 5) Disarming the biased media and 6) Exposing the Democrats’ historically-consistent penchants for dividing and controlling people — instead we’re doing nothing. We’re talking uselessly about Robert Byrd. We’re saying “What about Chicago!?” We’re using the exact same regressive, segregationist lines that the Democrats do about how we’re going to help black people, or Hispanics, or women. We’re doing nothing. And we as a movement, and America as a nation, and the individual citizens who truly are suffering, are all worse because of it.

Meanwhile, the NFL protests misappropriate blame and create destruction. But we’re not calling them out or talking about that. And it’s a real problem. And it’s a real missed opportunity.

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