NFL Protests Misappropriate Blame; Create Destruction

The problem with the NFL players kneeling is that they’re protesting the wrong thing. Like the “Black Lives Matter” movement, their claim is that cops are racist and that’s why black people endure more hardship at the hands of law enforcement.

This is a lazy, divisive, destructive lie.

The single greatest driver of disparity is single parent homes. That’s not my opinion. That’s an empirically proven fact. And 72% of black kids grow up in single parent homes. (Feel free to check those facts here and here.)

That means 72% of black kids will more likely grow up with less parental time, energy, financial support and accountability than kids who grow up in committed, lead-by-example, two-parent homes.

Those kids then struggle more in school. And then have fewer opportunities as they get older. And that lack of opportunity means they’re more likely to get involved with crime. And that means they’ll have more run-ins with police.

The NFL players and Black Lives Matter groups talk about how the government and school systems are failing black kids. But kids from third worlds come to the US and excel in STEM careers. How? Why?

It’s because they grow up in committed, two-parent homes where excelling in education was a demand, not an option.

An honest question for the liberals reading this: If your child was in the worst school in America and there was nothing you could do about it, would you accept failing grades? Of course not. Like most parents who hear their kids complain about unfair teachers who suck at their jobs, you’d say “Find out what you’re supposed to learn, and then study as much as you have to in order to learn it. And I’ll help along the way. But you’re too smart to fail in school and you have the material to learn, and that’s what you’re going to do.” That’s how you’d handle it in your own home. You’d never accept failing grades from your kids. And yet you look out across our nation and see so many black and brown kids failing in school, and you blame the government instead of the parents.

The reality, from a US News report

Black parents, most of whom are less educated than their white counterparts, don’t expect their children to attain as much education as white parents expect. Lower expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies, contributing to lower expectations from the student, less-positive attitudes toward school, fewer out-of-school learning opportunities and less parent-child communication about school.

Whether you’re looking at comparisons about crime, income, education or really any marker that we might use to judge hardship — blacks have it the worst. Then Hispanics. Then whites. Then Asians. And that tracks perfectly with instances of single parent homes. Blacks have the most, then Hispanics, then whites, then Asians.


This isn’t rocket science. In fact it’s all pretty simple. But Democrats and the media ignore it. They pretend none of it matters. Instead, they’re happy to just blame “racist cops” for the disparity that black people endure within our criminal justice system.

And then comes along “Black Lives Matter,” which creates bloody new gashes in a once relatively healthy social body. The most fundamental implication behind Black Lives Matter is that most of the people in our nation are somehow unaware that black lives do in fact matter. It’s offensive and unserious, and I sleep better at night knowing that I can’t find common ground with the blights on progress and unity who espouse that ridiculous implication.

But the Democrat party and much of the activist left submit entirely to the Black Lives Matter movement. Hillary Clinton has to apologize for saying “All lives matter.” Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem in solidarity with them. The rest is history, which brings us to today.

I don’t know how much more plainly or clearly I can say it…

  • It’s empirically proven that single parent homes drive disparity more than anything else.
  • 72% of black kids grow up in single parent homes.
  • So 72% of black kids will more likely grow up with disparities as children that lead to disparities as adults.

That is what results in black people — far more than Hispanics, whites or Asians — enduring the brunt of our criminal justice system.

And yes, I’m sure cops are aware of that. And they may as a result be more suspicious of Americans who happen to be black. And that’s unfortunate. But don’t sit here and tell me that statistical awareness by the police means that the entire system is wildly racist and must be admonished and overhauled in its entirety. Because by doing so, you ignore the real problem at the root of the statistics. And because they thrive off of division, disparity and destruction — the Democrats are happy to enable your willful misappropriation of blame. They’re happy to say “You’re right!” and watch as every problem — from broken homes, to disparity in income, education and crime, to racial division and grievance in the USA — they’re happy to watch as each of these problems get worse. And because Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd and the rest of the media are basically Democrat propagandists, they’re happy to go along with it too.

A great person once said that “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” Well I’m saying now that the greatest problem plaguing so many people in America today, is that not enough Americans are even using their dinner tables anymore. And that’s particularly true among Americans who happen to black, as the overwhelming majority of them grow up in homes with one parent who is more likely to be a lot more strained and have a lot less to offer. It’s not an easy problem to fix. And we certainly can’t expect the government to solve it. But we still have to create awareness. We have to talk about it out loud. And when LeBron James or Seth DeValve or any other pro athletes “take a knee,” they’re not only ignoring the real problems — but they’re misappropriating blame for them and thus making all of those problems worse.

You can’t complain at 10AM that black kids endure disparities that will negatively affect them as adults, and then act real surprised at 2PM that black adults are negatively affected by disparities they endured as kids.

But as Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper report with tears in their eyes about how noble the NFL players who “just want equality” are, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The Obama-era and thus greatly-politicized CDC produced a study about “fatherhood involvement” that is used in social and other media to dismiss the “myth” that two are generally better than one when it comes to parenting. The New York Times is now running pieces about how intact marriages are actually expressions of [white] privilege. The Left excitedly promote abortion and thus dilute the gravity and seriousness with which young people look at starting families. The Wikipedia page on racial inequality doesn’t even mention single parent/broken homes.

Stop ignoring the reality. Stop denying science. Single parent homes drive disparity more than anything else, black kids overwhelmingly grow up in single parent homes, and so black kids endure exponentially more disparity than their Hispanic, white and Asian counterparts. I don’t care if NFL players want to take a knee during the national anthem. That’s their free speech right. And the owners can exercise their free speech by firing them, and I can exercise my free speech by not watching — and/or voicing my own opinion. What I do care about is NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem based on a myth that only exacerbates literally every problem they purport to combat. That is what I’m upset about. And if you know the value of individual liberty and think making America united again is an important part of making America great again, and if you think the gift of individual liberty is one that should be given generously in the USA, then please consider finding a little energy to be upset about it too. That’s the issue, as we all know, that the social justice warriors in the NFL think they’re protesting. And by not addressing it but instead changing the subject, we only validate their claims. And their claims are wrong. And they make every problem worse. And we need the courage and amplification to take it head on and talk about it.

NOTE: I know there might be a lot of single parents who take offense to this post and rationale. My question to them: Do you want your daughter to grow up to become a single mom? Do you want your son to abandon his commitments when he becomes an adult? This post isn’t about you, specifically. It’s a post about the future. And it’s a post about single versus two-parent households, generally speaking. As noted in several other pieces I’ve written: Plenty of great, accountable kids come from single parent homes — and plenty of terrible kids come from two parent homes. But generally speaking, two are better than one when it comes to parenting. And we need to stop ignoring that, and/or pretending it’s not the case.


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  1. […] LeBron tells Don Lemon that President Trump is using sports to divide us, and that sports have never been used to divide us. Yet he stands proudly in solidarity with the NFL players who misappropriate blame for black disparities and, in doing so, just make everything worse. (If you haven’t yet, check out and share NFL Players Misappropriate Blame; Create Destruction.) […]


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