VIDEO: ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt Gets Got

If by “doing it right” you mean committing flagrant assault on progress and decency, then yes: ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt is doing it right.


So that’s what my argument sounds like out loud. (One on-the-fly take.) Here’s what it reads like: LeBron James Is A Social Deadbeat

And since I’m still on a one-week Twitter ban and have nowhere else to put this stuff, here’s another short clip from today of me responding to a leftist. This time it’s former NAACP President Cornell Brooks. He’s saying that President Trump is a racist. The funny part is that a child could shoot down all of Cornell’s evidence. I do my best in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

So that’s what it sounds like, on-the-fly and in one take. Here’s what it reads like: Dear Gary Cohn: Your Fly Is Down

That’s that, for now.

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