Susan Collins’ Healthcare Illogic

By Susan’s logic, if we passed a bill that guaranteed everyone free healthcare, then she couldn’t walk any part of it back because it might negatively impact people. This scared, lazy, establishment GOP swamp bottom-feeder – Susan Collins – is showing you exactly what it looks like when a politician enables all that’s wrong with big government. And she’s bragging about it.

I wanted to wait until the CBO analysis came out to ensure that it confirmed what I believed would be the impact of the Graham-Cassidy bill on the number of Americans receiving health insurance coverage. And it found, as I expected to be the case, that it would have a negative impact on millions of Americans who are now insured. So it was that final piece of the puzzle that I had been waiting to confirm.

– Senator Susan Collins

Translation: “Anything that we ever pass that helps anybody in any way, I will never vote to repeal and/or replace unless it meets the bar I’m randomly setting right now based on the immediate result of an existing law that may be doing exorbitant damage in others areas that are significantly more far-reaching but I care less about because they’re not as immediately politically potent and I have no spine.”

Good to know.


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