LeBron James Is A Social Deadbeat

Whether they think they’re helping or not, these athletes are social deadbeats. And they’re worsening every problem they purport to combat.

They say that racism causes black people to be disproportionately aggrieved by our criminal justice system. So by protesting our national anthem, they claim they’re standing up for racial equality and justice.

They’re right on one count: Black people are disproportionately aggrieved in the US criminal justice system. But they’re wrong about why. And “why” is really the most important component to this conversation.

A lot of people believe that racism, both implicit and explicit, is to blame. And it’s easy to think that. Fully every minute of every day, our country is bombarded with insistence that we are all wildly racist in every way. It starts in academia and then, like clockwork, moves on to entertainment and media. Right now, they literally say that “whiteness” is a disease. They imply that, generally speaking, the United States of America and its citizens are somehow unaware that black lives matter. (That lazy, insane implication is both offensive and unserious — and I honestly sleep better at night knowing that I can’t find progress with the people who espouse it.) All across our nation, every day, whether you’re looking for it or not, you’ll at some point get lectured to about “race in America.” And the lecture is always the same…

White people need to knock themselves down a few pegs, and feel bad for brown people. And brown people need to help white people earn forgiveness, and try to be patient with them because they don’t really know how racist they are.

They’ll pretty it up, but that’s the brunt of it. And it’s pervasive all across academia, Hollywood, the mainstream media…and now, pro sports.

It’s hard to be mad at these people because most of them think they’re doing good. They truly believe that racism is ubiquitous, and that they need to help educate anyone who disagrees. But then it’s hard not to be mad at them, because they wield so much power and rather than using it to actually help, they’re making everything worse.

So back to “why.” Why are black people more aggrieved by the criminal justice system than whites, Hispanics or Asians?

It’s not because police are racist. And it’s not because our nation is racist.

It’s because black people also endure other disparities, and those disparities lead to crime.

The single greatest driver of disparity is single parent homes.

I’ll write that sentence again, because Social Studies courses 100 years from now will deem it the most under-appreciated reality of our time…

👏 The 👏 single 👏 greatest 👏 driver 👏 of 👏 disparity 👏 is 👏 single 👏 parent 👏 homes 👏.

It’s empirically proven, but it’s also the most logically obvious conclusion that ever existed in the history of humanity.

Two parents, generally speaking, are better than one when it comes to raising a child.

Every time? No. Not every time. But generally speaking…

  • Two parents mean additional time
  • Two parents mean additional energy
  • Two parents often mean additional income
  • Two parents mean setting a better example
  • Two parents mean more accountability

When a child doesn’t get these things, he’s more likely to struggle in school. And if he struggles in school, he’ll likely have fewer opportunities as an adult. And if he has fewer opportunities as an adult, then he’s more likely to get involved with crime. And if he’s more likely to get involved with crime, then he’s going to have more run-ins with the cops. And courts. And prisons. And that lifelong losing streak starts, exponentially more often than not, with single parent homes.

72% of all black children grow up in single parent homes.

👏 The 👏 single 👏 greatest 👏 driver 👏 of 👏 disparity 👏 is 👏 single 👏 parent 👏 homes 👏.

Why are so many so unwilling to put the focus here, where it belongs?

If you recognize that black Americans endure disparities in education and income, then you can’t just toss that reality aside when it comes to the subsequent disparity they endure when it comes to crime and interactions with law enforcement.

In other words: You can’t complain at 10AM that black kids endure disparities that will negatively affect them as adults, and then at 2PM act shocked and outraged because black adults are negatively affected by the disparities so many endured as children.

And yet that’s exactly what social justice warriors, black lives matter protesters and all who support their message, are doing.

And of course police brutality and abuse-of-power are things we should always be addressing. It exists. It’s real. And so is racism.

But racism isn’t nearly as pervasive as the institutional left would have you believe. And it’s definitely not the reason that black people are disproportionately aggrieved by the criminal justice system.

The reason does, however, amount to bigotry.

Bigotry from liberals and Democrats who think they’re helping when they perpetuate racially-charged divides. Bigotry from social justice warriors who think they’re helping when they use “white” as a pejorative and teach black children that “whiteness” is a disease. Bigotry from academics and politicians who think they’re doing a good thing when they insist that racism is everywhere, all the time, and we’ll never be free of it unless we all focus 24×7 on our skin color and the skin color of those with whom we interact.

The Left in 2017 America think that type of regressive thinking is “progress.”

It’s not. They’re not helping people. They’re hurting people. And they’re creating more racism. And more pain. And more destruction. And so is Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Seth DeValve, Steph Curry and apparently every person who works at ESPN.

They’re just making every problem worse.

The root problem (broken homes) gets worse, because they completely ignore it. (In fact, they often glorify it.)

The surface problem (more frequent, negative interactions with law enforcement) gets worse, because they misappropriate blame for it and thus do nothing to stem let alone mitigate it.

The universal problem (racism) gets worse, because they’re teaching black people to hate white people. And they’re teaching some white people to hate white people, too. And they’re teaching other white people to hate black people. They’re imagining racism where none exists and using it as a scapegoat, and that’s only making a lot more people a lot more racist. People of all colors who weren’t racist before, are becoming racist now.

All the problems all get worse, because they’re misappropriating blame for and/or exacerbating every single one of them.

I don’t think President Trump knows this. I don’t think most on his team know this. And if they do, I don’t think they can articulate it just yet. And I highly doubt most of you who reading, know it. Or the gravity of it. Or the role it will play in helping to both manifest and emancipate the next great, US civil rights movement.

But I know it. And it makes it all very, very hard to watch. Sometimes I have the patience to write about it. This was one of those days. But nothing will happen. Even people who followed this entirely and agree whole-heartedly, will do nothing with it. This post will barely get read, and will be forgotten within weeks if not days.

And that’s very, very hard to watch. Because no one else is saying these things, and they’re true, and they need to be said.

  • Anyone who thinks “Black lives matter” needs to be stipulated to start a conversation, is offensive and unserious. And the inability to find progress with people like that is an asset, not a liability.
  • Black people do suffer under disparities in broken homes, education, income and crime. But it happens in that order. And it’s empirically proven. And 72% of black kids grow up in broken homes. That is the problem.
  • The only racism involved comes from Democrats. Some are well-intended while others know the destruction they create. But by blaming racism exclusively when little-to-no racism actually exists, they’re only making existing problems worse and creating brand new problems. Including brand new racism.

The Democrats and left are standing in front of a blazing inferno holding a gas can and a book of matches, and they’re telling everyone that someone else started the fire. And the response of the GOP and amplified right is largely to throw some of our own fuel on the fire, as we chase their divisive narrative instead of leading with our unifying one.

This is why race relations have gotten, and will continue to get, only worse in the years ahead. And we’ll struggle to ever make America great again, because we’ll not make America united again. And the Democrats’ dependence on division and destruction, combined with the GOP’s apathy and inbreeding, means we likely never will.

We must do better on this important conversation. But as of right now, no one is.

I linked the above blog post to the following tweet. I’m guessing it hit Jemele Hill where it hurts, because Twitter made me delete the tweet and suspended me for a week because I wrote it. I regret nothing.

image (2)

image (1)


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