[UPDATED 9-25-17] Replying To MSM, Democrats & Establishment GOP

An ongoing series of replies to the Media, Democrats and establishment Republicans.

Swamp: “Trump admitted to sexual assault on the ‘Insider Hollywood’ tapes.”

Trump Train: “Actually, no he didn’t. He used the word ‘let.’ And the word ‘let’ confers consent. And by the way: Your lazy, entirely politicized, false rape accusations only dilute the gravity of sexual assault and the ability to help, and draw awareness with/for, actual victims.”

Swamp: “You can’t call yourself a Christian and oppose amnesty.”

Trump Train: “Weren’t you the one screaming ‘Separation of Church & State!’ for the last 50 years? I thought so. So this should sound familiar: Stop using the government to impose your version of morality on everybody else. And by the way: God doesn’t want or need the government to force charity. In fact it negates the value of it. Christianity is about individuals doing good. Not governments forcing it.”

Swamp (John McCain): “We need bipartisanship if we’re going to reform healthcare, which affects one-fifth of our economy.”

Trump Train: “Before Obamacare, healthcare affected one-sixth of our economy. But, according to you, now it’s one-fifth. Do we need to draw you a picture? It’s going the wrong direction. And by the way: As Obamacare’s most effective defender, you’re a coward and a disgrace. You spent 8 years fundraising on the promise of repealing Obamacare. You even voted for it. You’re working now not for your constituents or the United States, but to nurse your bitter, bruised ego after President Trump repeatedly made you his bitch. He’ll be fine. He can afford his healthcare. And he’ll win a second term. But you’ll go down in history as a bitter coward more wrapped up in his own ego than in doing what’s right.”

Swamp (Kate Bolduan on Trump’s travel ban): “If we’re honest, when we talk about the home nation of where we’ve seen the terror attacks come from since President Trump has taken office, I think that’s been the question of ‘Are you going to be adding France to the list? Are you adding Belgium to the list? Are you planning on adding the UK to the list? Of course the answer seems to be no.”

Trump Train: “Your argument it lazy, intellectually dishonest and divisive. Our national security experts, including those who served under Obama, don’t simply look at a country and say ‘If a terrorist came from that country, then we ban them.’ A lot more intelligence goes in to these determinations, primarily relating to the partnership and accountability we can expect from the government entities in each respective nation. Your notion, that we should ban everyone from any country where any terrorist originated, is bigoted. And lazy. And it divides people further, because you’re pushing it not as part of judicious, journalistic exploration — but as part of a narrow, divisive and mean-spirited effort to undermine President Trump.”

Swamp (after an Islamist terror attack): “We must protect Muslims from the Islamophobic bigots in America who want to harm them!”

Trump Train: “You’re doing three things right now really well, and none of them are good. First, you’re actually creating the anti-Muslim sentiment that you purport to combat. The overwhelming majority of Americans you’re talking to and/or about, don’t hate ‘all Muslims.’ But they also don’t need to be lectured to by you about how they need to love and embrace Muslims, simply because they’re Muslim. We love and embrace people based on their character. Not on their religion (or race, ethnicity, gender etc). So stop wagging your finger in the faces of people who are understandably shaken, and lecturing them about loving all Muslims. Because the natural reaction is for them to push back and say ‘F you and F them.’ Secondly, you’re inspiring Muslims to self-segregate. You’re telling them that they are all victims already, or are about to be, and they should be weary of anyone who isn’t Muslim. You think you’re telling them to feel safe and secure, but in reality you’re only exacerbating fear and promoting segregation. Finally, you’re recruiting for radical Islamic terrorists. There are young Muslim men and women out there right now who are scared, and shaken up, and like so many young people of all backgrounds — emotionally hurting and even suicidal. And they believe your lies. And they’re riding the fence right now. ‘If I commit suicide, should I do it in the garage like I was planning? Or should I just go join ISIS, given all the anti-Muslim hatred that the media and Democrats and establishment GOP tell me is so pervasive all across the nation? I mean, I don’t personally see or feel it. And every time I read about some anti-Muslim hate crime in the paper, it turns out to be a hoax. But Hillary Clinton and Jake Tapper and John Kasich are all lecturing everyone about how they should stop hating Muslims, so there must be a lot of that out there. Maybe I should just go join ISIS and die dramatically for something that now feels like a worthy cause.’ So, Hillary and Jake and John, while you think you’re helping, as usual, you’re not. Your lazy virtue signaling is just making every problem worse. Please. Stop ‘helping.'”


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