Colin Kaepernick Signed As Starting QB For Democrat Slavemasters

Colin Kaepernick, Lebron James and Michael Bennett are perpetuating a myth that only creates more hate and pain.

First and foremost, real simply…

  • Black people have more run-ins with law enforcement because black people have more crime.
  • Black people have more crime because they have more income and education disparities.
  • Black people have more income and education disparities because they have more instances of broken homes.

That’s it. We should be able to stop right there, but we can’t because too many on the Left (Democrats, media, BLM, establishment GOP, Hollywood, academia) aggressively reject that absolutely basic reality.

It’s empirically proven and logically simple: When it comes to raising a child, two parents are generally better than one. Two parents will generally have more time, energy and money than one parent will. And two parents set an example about honoring commitments. When a child sees mom and dad honor their commitments to each other and their family, even and especially in the face of adversity, it’s a good thing. And it gives that child an example to follow. And it makes that child feel capable and accountable.

It’s the reason I say “Love Breeds Accountability.” I say it because it’s true.

But Colin Kaepernick and Seth DeValve and the rest of the so-called SJWs pretend none of that matters.

Who has the fewest instances of broken homes? Asians. After that it’s white people, then Hispanics, and then coming in a distant fourth are blacks.

Who has the fewest instances of crime? How about the highest income? Best education? The answer to all three is the same: Asians. And after them whites, then Hispanics, and then coming in a distant fourth are blacks.

Absence of struggle and prominence of promise track almost perfectly not by race, but by instances of broken homes.



But to aspiring Democrat slavemasters like Colin Kaepernick, none of that matters. He, Lebron James and so many others use their platforms to tell the world that “RACISM!” is the root of all problems.

They complain at 10AM about black disparity in education and income, and then by 6PM pretend none of that matters — and that it’s just “RACISM!” that makes them such poor, helpless victims of evil, racist America.

Newsflash, fellas: Disparity in income and education leads to disparity with respect to crime. So don’t cry to me about disparities in education and income and then act real surprised when crime follows. That’s the reason disparities in education and income are bad.

And you’re the reason all of these problems — including hatred and racism — are all getting worse instead of better.

1) Broken homes are the root problem. And that problem keeps getting worse because you’re ignoring and thus absolving it. Why would anyone focus on something that no one says is a problem? They wouldn’t. They don’t. They’re all too busy saying “It’s because I’m black!” So the root problem just keeps getting worse.

2) Disparities in income, education, crime and police interaction are the surface problems. And those problems keep getting worse because you’re ignoring the broken homes that more than anything else contribute to them. Broken homes lead to kids who do bad in school, which leads to adults who have little income, which leads to crime. But as long as you ignore that root problem, then the surface problems you claim to be combating will keep getting worse.

3) Racism is the universal problem, and that keeps getting worse because you’re inflaming it. You’re telling brown people that their skin color precludes their character, while telling white people that “whiteness” is a disease and they need to knock themselves down a few pegs.

Literally every problem you claim to be helping, you’re making worse.

And you’re doing it because the Democrats have made it very attractive. As if seeing one’s self as a perpetual victim isn’t addictive enough, the Democrats and media have now made it trendy. It’s in style. It’s “cool.”

Well I’m here to tell you that it’s not cool.

Yes, blacks do endure more run-ins with cops. And yes, cops may be aware that blacks are statistically more likely to be the perpetrator of a crime than their Asian, white or Hispanic counterparts. But that’s because there are consequences on the other side of those income and education disparities that we all know exist. (That’s why nobody likes those disparities!) And the consequences often mean more predisposition for crime.

The cops aren’t racist. But the statistics do show bias. The question we must ask and answer is “Why?”

I say broken homes, because I have logic and science and an intellectually honest aspiration to progress on my side.

What do you have, Colin Kaepernick? What do you have, Lebron James?

Those touted as “heroes” by our intellectually lazy, pathetically ill-advised and desperately attention-starved society are only making literally every problem worse — from the disparity, to the hatred, to the pain.

And while it’s true that many Democrats and Leftists are in fact well-intended, there are many on this issue who aren’t. Many of these activists know that they’re actually creating hatred, pain and division. Some don’t care because it enriches them personally, while others don’t care because the destruction they create helps bring them closer to their goal (ends justify means).

But Democrats are still segregating and enslaving people, so it’s no surprise that those who are helping them are fraught with an almost universal absence of integrity.

And so Michael Bennett, Lebron James, Seth DeValve and Colin Kaepernick: Your lazy, dishonest, basic af activism creates more hatred and pain in one day than you’ll ever mitigate in your entire lifetimes. Combined. Like the Democrats whose plantation you’re trying to become slavemasters on, you’re blights on progress and unity — and history will note as much even if today’s amplified Right lacks the insight or courage to do so.


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