Motorist Who Breached President Trump’s Motorcade

Having proven beyond any doubt that they’re the opposition party to Donald Trump’s Presidency, the media is no longer a credible witness for reporting on anti-Trump ferocity.

No — this isn’t about Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter ignoring AtlLeft violence.

And it’s not about the establishment GOP putting Swamp Over Country, or the division-inducing intellectual dishonesty espoused by Gary Cohn and others who attacked President Trump in the wake of Charlottesville.

But all of those efforts to hurt President Trump while absolving the violent and hateful AltLeft, they all contribute to what this post is about.

This post is about the motorist who sped out of a wooded area and directly at President Trump’s motorcade and, more specifically, the vehicle President Trump was in.


It’s easy to speculate what happened here: An agitated member of the anti-Trump resistance premeditated an attack on President Trump. Then, due either to fear or poor planning, the attack didn’t come close to materializing beyond what we see in the video.

That’s where most of our minds went. And understandably so. It seems astronomically less feasible that the vehicle just happened to lose control and speed straight toward the President’s limo from a remote location in the woods.

But that’s the story we’re getting from local police…

Do I think the police are lying? I’m not sure. I do know that law enforcement will at times mislead the public if they think it’s warranted for public safety or their investigation(s).

So having said that, do I think they might be posturing a bit at the request of the Secret Service? Well that is entirely possible for a number of reasons: It’s possible that the Secret Service is doing their own investigation, and asked the local PD to help keep the media out of the way. It’s also possible that the Secret Service doesn’t want to advertise potential means of harming POTUS, and/or to normalize any efforts to harm POTUS.

And if that’s the case, then I regret and apologize for calling more attention to the matter in this post.

But it’s also possible that the police made a determination without actually investigating the driver. And that would be a gross dereliction of duty.

No matter what’s going on, at some point the public deserve to know what evidence — beyond the driver’s word — resulted in the finding of “no intent to harm.”

I don’t want the driver “doxed” or for his/her life to be turned upside down over this. I just want confirmation that the driver has been thoroughly investigated for any kind of political paper trail. So my question for the local PD and Secret Service is simple…

The media is happy to put this story to bed and call the whole episode “lousy timing.” But if there’s any evidence at all that the driver is a political activist with negative feelings about President Trump, then we need to know that. Because if that’s the case, then the media — with all of their anti-Trump ferocity and fake news — is yet again complicit in creating the climate of fear and now-normalized violence from the Left. And the public needs to be made aware of that. And the media needs to be held accountable for it.

If it’s exactly what the local PD and media are reporting, that’s fine. The driver, for all we know, is a huge Trump supporter whose story adds up and is supported by indisputable physical evidence.

But that just seems hard to believe given the statistically infinitesimal likelihood that these series of events all happened just by chance.

And so while I defer to law enforcement and Secret Service if they’re managing a narrative so they can do a more effective job, I do hope that at some point more details emerge on this story.

It’s simply not enough to take the driver at his/her word without looking in to their background for political leanings. And if the driver does have a politically active background that includes negative sentiments about President Trump, then the public needs to know that.

The benefit of not giving people ideas about attacking President Trump, is far outweighed by the cost of absolving those who do that very thing virtually every minute of every day. The swamp (media, Democrats and establishment GOP) have made it their goal to destroy President Trump, and we can’t trust them to voluntarily disclose when some of their adherents take that goal more literally than others.

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