Mattis Bans Transgender Troops, Media & Left Celebrate

Social media lit up on Tuesday night after breaking news that Secretary of Defense James Mattis defied President Trump’s transgender military ban. The problem today is the same at it was yesterday and the same as it’ll be tomorrow: It never happened.

In yet another fake news narrative manufactured by the media to hurt President Trump and inspire the perpetually-defeated activist left, the alleged “news” was characterized as such…

“Freezes?! Allows!? Clearly Mattis is sticking it to Trump!”

Cue the flagrantly delusional celebration…

The pattern is pretty clear: This social media wave is less about celebrating peoples’ rights, and more about attacking President Trump and possibly wanting to create a rift between him and Mattis.

But when CNN does 319 segments on this story tomorrow, here’s the part they’ll leave out. From the USA Today reporting that everyone is celebrating…


In other words: The military will no longer be accepting transgender troops. And Mattis, with an assist from President Trump, is why.

All Mattis did today was select a course on how to deal with those who are currently serving. And nobody ever said they’d have to automatically pack their bags and go home. I think everyone knew there’d be some kind of broader assessment before establishing a course of action. And that’s what we’re seeing.

But to hear the media and activist left tell it…

If by “F*ck You” you mean “Yes Sir” and by “freezes” you mean “prepares to carry out,” then yeah: You nailed it.

The fact is, the article they’re all sharing clearly notes that it was General Mattis who personally pulled the plug on accepting any additional transgender troops. In order to figure out how to handle those who are already serving, some steps need to be taken. One of those steps was taken today. And that’s what they’re all celebrating.

To quote one of our nation’s best Presidents ever: “Sad!”

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