Civil Rights Versus Uncivil Lefts

As Jake Tapper and Mitt Romney celebrate the violent AltLeft, it’s important to reinforce the Civil Rights principle of non-violence. After all if we’re carrying the message of MLK Jr. then we should be diligent to carry his principles.

First and foremost, remember this: The media, Democrats and establishment GOP (ie the swamp) actually want you to become violent and racist. They say they want to end violence and division, but they are actually empowered by and thus promote more of each. So our movement must be cautious not to let those people in.


If you’re certain that some kind of domestic war is imminent, be it racial or civil, then you’re already unglued and we don’t want your help.

If you think that “Black Lives Matter” must be stipulated to start a conversation, then you’re offensive and unserious and we don’t want your help.

If you see yourself and/or others by race or ethnicity before anything else, then you’re a blight on progress and unity and we don’t want your help. And that goes for everyone from the unhinged KKK and New Black Panthers, to the entire activist left and establishment GOP who scorn “whiteness” while promoting “brown pride.”

The civil rights movement of our time will be led by those who make actionable the principle that character comes before color identity. And those are the people we need in our ranks.

This next civil rights movement will manifest socially and culturally rather than legislatively. It’s about rejecting the so-called “progressive” demand that we all constantly focus on skin color. Or ethnicity. Or gender. Etc. It’s about rejecting political narratives that segregate voters by race and ethnicity. It’s about becoming the wide woke realization of Dr. King’s dream that we judge by the content of a person’s character, rather than the color of their skin.

Stop talking about American citizens in segregated blocs. Stop talking about how we’re going to help black people, or what we’re doing for Hispanics, or how we’ll retain the white working class vote.

All of that is regressive. It’s all divisive. Call it out.

People who understand these things are the people who will advance our movement. And I know there aren’t too many of us yet. But we’re starting to see more emerge, and that’s why some of this needs now to be said out loud.


Whenever possible, don’t swing back. Yes. You heard me. Whenever possible, turn the other cheek. Many of you won’t be able to do this. And we’re all 100% entitled to self-defense. But one thing we should aspire to even if we can’t meet it, is to resist even fighting back unless we truly believe our lives are in danger. And it could be immediate. I understand that. But don’t go looking for a fight. And whenever possible, avoid escalating a fight. If you think it would feel good to inflict pain on someone, then you’re taking the movement in a bad direction. Yes we all love a good dose of schadenfreude. I still watch the election night results from time-to-time. It’s glorious. But we should avoid talking and thinking that way when it comes to violence.

Never let your guard down. Never let yourself be a victim. But if you’re one of those people who is hungry to fight, then you’re also one of those people who knows you can take a snowflake punch or two before you actually feel threatened. Some of that thinking should be there. The most effective change we can make will be amid a civil rights movement, not a civil war. And you should thus be opposed to the war. So act like it. That’s all I’m saying.

Allen Armentrout is the most recent example of excellent behavior in the face of Leftist aggression. Granted he wasn’t physically attacked, but his steady resolve in the face of threatening aggression sets a great example.


Now that pisses you off, right? It pisses me off, too. Bigly. Just like every new video that emerges every week, showing now-normalized Leftist hatred, incitement and violence.

And I’m mad that media like Jake Tapper promote that AltLeft violence.

And I’m mad that establishment GOP like Stephen Hayes and John McCain promote it.

But we were about 10% there when the tea party joined the political conversation back in 2007, and we’re about 75% of the way there now. It may seem ugly. It may seem “worse than ever.” But progress is actually being made at a pretty good clip these days. The media, Democrats and establishment GOP are beginning to reveal their absence of character and prominence of ill-intent. This is an important last stretch in actually enacting the next civil rights movement; in liberating so many who have for so long been shackled by manufactured grievance; in growing our base, disarming the biased media and forcing the swamp to repackage its entire platform. And in the face of our success, the violent AltLeft is being both absolved and encouraged. So we’d do well to take a few steps back and remember that a key principle of our movement is non-violence, and we should thus avoid glorifying or engaging in it at all costs.


Do not fuel the division and hatred that empower the Left. If you see someone succumb to the “white genocide” stuff, that’s an obvious stepping stone to more explicit racism. Stop them. Tell them they’re only helping the Left by inspiring more division and pain. Tell them that you oppose their racism, and the Left’s racism. Talk them off that ledge. And if you can’t talk them off that ledge, then distance yourself from them. There’s just no room in our movement for them.

To make America great again we need the meaningful contribution of all of our citizens. To make America great again we need to make America united again. And whether you’re a KKK racist or a Liberal sympathy bigot, you create enormous obstacles in achieving those goals. You’re the antitheses of our progress. And there’s just no place for you in this movement.

Expressly rejecting the Left’s laser focus on identity while refusing to segregate voters by race and ethnicity, this is the civil rights movement of our time. And it’s been building steam for decades. And now that we’re getting close to opening the floodgates and forcing the swamp to repackage its entire progressive platform, the swamp dependents are doing everything they can to make you racist and make you violent.

They’re inspiring brand new racism on the left by manufacturing grievance and blaming “whiteness,” they’re picking fights with you by using racially-charged terms (whites are “privileged,” blacks and Hispanics are “sell outs”), they’re violently attacking you…

…and the media, Democrats and establishment GOP are all encouraging them to do more of it. Don’t give in to it. Don’t become who the swamp monsters say we already are.


The media and Democrats have beaten us down for decades with their empty “You’re a racist!” accusations. And establishment Republicans like Ben Sasse and Marco Rubio have become swamp hostages in the process. But we’re not racists. And now we have a President who’s willing to stand up to them. And that means it’s our chance to really do our part as well.

So stamp out racism by exposing the media and Democrats who thrive off of it, and the KKK idiots who help them. (Read this.)

Call out the establishment Republican bottom-feeders who absolve and inspire AltLeft violence. (Read this.)

And as the media continues encouraging racism and violence, take a deep breath and remember that this isn’t a Twitter war. It’s not a small spat. Prepare as if you’re literally about to face the fire hoses, while determined to peacefully maintain your integrity and conviction. Because the fact is that if you go out there, then you likely will encounter media-approved violence from the Left. And there will be a lot more cameras there to capture it.

So let the world see.

We oppose racism. We oppose violence. We’re putting America first, and identity last.

And doing so marks the great civil rights movement of our time.



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