Dear Gary Cohn: Your Fly Is Down

Nothing precludes progress more than intellectual dishonesty, and there’s no greater example of intellectual dishonesty than those who have attacked President Trump in the wake of Charlottesville.

I’m going to keep this very simple…

President Trump has denounced racism and bigotry repeatedly throughout his public life. He’s done so unequivocally and without exception or qualification.

President Trump has denounced by name the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists throughout his public life, including most recently in the wake of the events in Charlottesville.

While the entirety of CNN had a choreographed meltdown because President Trump omitted the words “many sides” during his Phoenix rally, they conveniently forget that they’d spent the entire week before that omitting literally every other word he said except “many sides.” And if we’re truly aspiring together toward progress and unity as a nation then we have to be intellectually honest and clear:  There were in fact very bad actors on both sides in Charlottesville.


Does anyone other than his most fringe critics honestly believe that President Trump would stand in front of the world and try to convince people that there is such a thing as good Nazis? Think about that for a moment. The logical conclusion, from those chastising President Trump, is that he stood up in front of the world and tried to argue that there are some “very fine people” in the KKK. Now some of you, as noted, will of course nod along with that. But those of you who have not yet abandoned all remnants of intellectual honesty and principle will likely concede the improbability of such a wildly absurd accusation.

It’s exponentially more likely that President Trump was saying what virtually all of his supporters have known he said, from the beginning: There are some very fine people on both sides of the debate — whether it’s the debate today about civil war monuments — or the debate tomorrow about who knows what. There are fine people on both sides, and we’d all do well as a nation to recognize that together. There are also some very bad people on both sides, and we’d also do well to recognize that together.

“But he drew a moral equivalence between Nazis and peace protesters!,” many of the unhinged and/or ill-informed will say.

What’s interesting is that many of those critics like to lecture that “Words matter!” when they’re dressing down the President. And of course they’re right. Words do matter. (And strawmen everywhere are nodding along.) But in this case, the words “other than” apparently matter not to those critics.

From President Trump (emphasis mine)…

And you had people, and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists.

So in addition to clearly condemning without qualification by name those groups that the media, Democrats and establishment GOP figures have insisted dishonestly that he did not condemn — President Trump provided even more specific language that proves he was not talking about Nazis when he referenced “fine people.”

“But he said ‘in that group!’ What fine person would be in a group like the one chanting all those terrible things and carrying swastikas!?”, the same chorus of anti-Trump critics will plead.

Again: Your logical conclusion is that President Trump wanted the world to know that he believes that there are some “very fine Nazis.” Forgive me, but that’s just insane. The intellectually honest, far more fair and exponentially more practical conclusion is that President Trump was referencing the “sides” around the debate about civil war monuments. And while you might not know it if you only get your news from CNN, the torch-lit march with the vile chanting as documented by Vice Feature Films® is not the only thing that happened in Charlottesville. There had been previously, was on the day of the violence, and continues to be other groups meeting and conversations happening on every street corner about the civil war monuments. But go ahead and keep trying to demonize President Trump based on wild accusations. Just know that your efforts to grab him by the hyperbole are actually inspiring division and mitigating progress. And they won’t work any better in 2020 than they did in 2016. To the contrary, the media’s credibility has and will continue to take far greater hits than President Trump’s.


We shouldn’t have to dissect so precisely to provide evidence for the obvious, but I blame the media, Democrats and establishment GOP for that; the group who live and die by lazy, intellectually dishonest swamp principles like “If you’re explaining, you’re losing.” They have shown us for years now that they’ll contort their principles and twist President Trump’s words as long as it means that he and any who support him are constantly having to “explain what he meant.”

His most obvious critics and opponents will be grimacing through this entire piece. They’ll mock and dismiss and in doing so not only create more division that’s more pronounced, but they’ll also abandon any semblance of intellectual honesty and/or fairness to do it — thus paralyzing all involved in the national debate from ever actually getting anywhere together.

We on the right, particularly those who support President Trump, have come to expect intellectual dishonesty from the Democrats and mainstream media. And we’re also well aware when our own side is dishing it out. Partisanship and passion often drown out commitments to principled intellectual honesty, and the ensuing back-and-forth can at times be entertaining and even inspiring to the already-faithful.

But we all know the truth. Deep down, we all know what’s really going on. And it’s why despite the best efforts of the Democrats, Clinton Machine, mainstream media, Hollywood, most of academia, and the establishment Republican party — Donald J. Trump was duly elected President of the United States.

We elected Donald Trump to dismantle the DC+MSM establishment that many of us believe serves itself and its globalist betters, more than our national interests. And his pursuit in dismantling that establishment is a tremendous threat to many powerful people and institutions. And as long as President Trump refuses to stand down or ‘get in line’ with the status quo so many of them built their careers on, then the swamp dependents will continue waging that war against him.

But we in the grassroots still see right through it. We expect it from the Democrats, but so many in the media and the establishment GOP haven’t changed a single aspect of their playbook since early 2016: They still insist that the end is near for President Trump, that “this time” he’s really done it and that what we’re witnessing is “clearly the beginning of the end.” Observations they’ve been making without even pausing to take a breath for literally more than two straight years.

And if you watch CNN then literally every hour of every day you’ll see a host and 7 panalysts insist with breathless enthusiasm that all of that is the only possible reality and barring anything unforeseen then by the time viewers wake up tomorrow, Pence will be President but he’ll be taking orders from Hillary because let’s face it she got a raw deal and is really the person who should be in the Oval Office.

It’s frustrating to watch because to President Trump’s supporters, it’s a clear sign that rather than getting to work putting America first and bringing jobs back and increasing wages and fixing broken programs like healthcare and broken systems like immigration — we are instead still very much in a figurative war with the political and media establishments that see President Trump as a threat to the status quo they’ve come to rely on. It’s as if the election never even happened. And it’s frustrating.


But far worse than frustrating it’s dangerous, because in their dishonest attacks on President Trump — the media and establishment Republicans are actually creating the very division, hatred and even violence that they purport to combat. I’ve long asserted that the Democrat party and institutional left (media, Hollywood, academia) actually thrive off of division, disparity and destruction — and so, while often well-intended, they do in fact work very hard to actually manufacture each. But that’s a story for another day. Today I’m focusing specifically on how establishment Republicans, most recently Gary Cohn, are not only absolving what’s become now-normalized AltLeft violence, but in fact creating more of it by validating the Left’s dishonest claims about President Trump.

Virtually every weekend there is some new video of America’s so-called “progressive left” engaging in violence against peaceful citizens. And the media won’t spend more than a minute on that reality, if they report on it at all. The rally in Boston last weekend was besieged by violent AltLeft protesters — aka “antifa” — who were described by Reuters as “peace activists” or on CNN as there to promote “peace and love.”

There are hours of footage of people who support President Trump being violently assaulted and beaten. Hours of it. There’s a mountain of evidence that those AltLeft activists who claim to oppose fascism, are themselves the greatest perpetrators of fascist behavior. They’re using violence to inhibit free speech. I don’t know how much more clear we can be about that. For every one example you can show me of a Trump supporter initiating violence, I can show you ten examples of those who oppose President Trump doing the same.

But rather than report on this now-normalized leftist violence, the media instead inspire more of it by perpetrating their intellectually dishonest lies and characterizations about who President Trump is and what he says and does.

It’s a vicious, disgraceful, disgusting and most notably dangerous cycle.

And rather than expose it and call it out, establishment Republicans — who have spent their careers getting KOd by Democrats who cry “RACISM!” where there is none — are just adding fuel to the fire. And just like the Democrats they learned from, their lazy and dishonest, empty accusations of “RACISM!” are actually creating exponentially more hatred, division and destruction than they’ll ever mitigate.

And we saw it most recently from Gary Cohn, when he accused the President of equating Nazis with “citizens standing up for equality and freedom.” And I’m about to get to that…


It really doesn’t take any courage to denounce racism. Literally all racism in America is uniformly and justly cast to our nation’s fringes, and white supremacy specifically is mocked and rejected from coast-to-coast without exception. What does take courage is defending free speech, even and especially when that speech is abhorrent. President Trump very clearly condemned all racism and bigotry and hatred, and with respect to white supremacists, he did it by name and he’s done it repeatedly. But he also demonstrated the courage to defend free speech, and the clarity to denounce all violence.

And establishment GOP types like Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse and Gary Cohn simply can’t say that. To the contrary, they’re now on record as hating racism more than they love free speech. And while that might sound righteous and even noble, it’s actually quite destructive because the best weapon against racist speech in America isn’t violence — but more speech. And lots of it. By implying that it’s okay to punch a Nazi as so many in the establishment GOP have implicitly done, they’re attacking free speech and promoting violence. And that’s just not okay.


Mr. Cohn, the President very clearly condemned all racists. But thanks to blurred lines and unhinged accusations from the media, there’s a large swath of our nation who aren’t entirely sure of that. And your lazy, dishonest accusation only reinforces that divisive lie. If you don’t think racists should be entitled to free speech, then say it. If you think violence is an acceptable response to speech, then say it Mr. Cohn. But for my part: I reject hatred and violence and bigotry of all stripes, most notably the white supremacists who have such a long history of hatred and violence in our nation. To make American great again we must make America united again. We need the meaningful contributions of all of our citizens, and in addition to just being wrong and evil — racists work diligently against that end. But I also recognize that violence from the AltLeft has become normalized since President Trump’s election, and that’s a real problem as well. And I’d never mistake those anarchists who hate free speech and love violence for “people who just want equality and freedom.” But that’s exactly what you did, Mr. Cohn. And you should be ashamed of yourself. And I highly doubt you didn’t have access to this information. I highly doubt you truly believe that President Trump equated Nazis with peace protesters. I highly doubt you honestly believe that President Trump would stand up in front of the world and suggest that there are some “very fine Nazis,” and I highly doubt that you’re unaware of the rampant violence being persistently perpetrated by anti-Trump protesters who think it’s okay to physically assault anyone wearing a hat that says “Make America Great Again.” I think you’re well aware of all of this, Mr. Cohn, and that your lazy accusation and intellectually dishonest virtue-signaling are instead a function of hedging on your own allegiance to the swamp. And given that suspicion, I see you as far more of a liability than an asset and would love to see you resign.

If you want to continue putting the swamp over the country, that’s on you. But I and millions of others will fight you every step of the way because we believe in America First. And as noted, I know that to make America great again we must make America united again. And from Corey Lewandowski in-person, to Kellyanne Conway in email, to President Trump via Twitter — I’ve longed pleaded with the campaign and now administration to adopt “#MakeAmericaUnitedAgain.” Whether or not they will ever hear me is anyone’s guess. But as long as our nation is buried under the drama of intellectually dishonest claims from the Democrats, media and now more than ever the establishment GOP — it won’t matter, because no one is listening to each other anyway.


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