Collins & Murkowski Own Senate GOP Failures; Not McConnell, Trump

If you’re debating whether Trump or McConnell are to blame for Senate GOP failures, then you’re 1) Abandoning personal responsibility principles while 2) Absolving those who are truly to blame and 3) Reinforcing a bad precedent that 4) Makes the dishonest media’s job easy ultimately 5) Empowering the Democrat establishment and 6) Its base.

So thank you, oh wise ones. You’re damaging the entire right in six substantive ways.

Congressional interests have become entire national. It’s an obvious symptom of the federal government having gotten too big. Impeding on each state and district’s interests are desperately-awaiting national voters’ interests. And the politicians love it because they become stars on cable networks and heroes to about half the nation. And the media loves it because it fuels ratings. And the Democrats love it because establishment Republicans are more like Democrat carrier pigeons: They fly away to the GOP for long periods, come right back as instructed. The establishment GOP is why all we’ve done for decades is simply not let the Democrats win too much, too quickly. But the Democrats still always, always won.

And the too-often lazy and entitled establishment — from conservative media (eg NRO), to strategists (Ana Navarro), advisers (Stuart Stephens) and staffers (Brendan Buck), to elected politicians (Jeff Flake) — they’re the reason why.

Currently, we’re seeing them pretend to forget that the right stands for personal responsibility. And they’re pretending to forget that there’s no way Trump or McConnell could force Senators to vote with the overwhelming majority of their own party on initial steps toward fixing critical problems and keeping years-long promises. Can’t be done. There can be no greater motivation be it personal or political, than what’s already stated. The Senators made their own decisions, and they are the only ones we should be blaming.

And we can blame them very clearly with well-supported primary challenges.

It would be great if we could reduce the size of government so that every move Senators or Representatives make don’t necessarily impact the lives and spirit of the entire nation. It’d be nice to relieve them of the burden of either getting to put their feet up and be local wallflowers, or get a good hair-and-makeup person and become a national celebrity. That’d be nice. And I hope we’ll get there.

And I agree with President Trump: Draining the swamp is a great place to start.

So stop letting the media push another anti-Trump narrative, putting him at the center of the establishment GOP’s ill-willed psychoses. Start blaming the individuals who slowed down a key piece of legislation by voting with Democrats. And then do that. Hold them accountable. We’ll get much better outcomes. We’ll hold accountable those who are truly to blame, spam the entire planet with “the right message” about intellectual honesty and personal responsibility, disarm the biased media and unite against the division-drunk Democrats.

You want a “better way?” On this, it’s that.

By the way, if you’re just plain hellbent on blaming Trump…



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