CNN Accidentally Hires Pro-Trump Rock Stars

I’m the toughest critic of Trump defenders I know, but CNN accidentally went and hired some of the most effective I’ve heard yet.

It started with Mike Shields, who I caught 1-2 months ago and really stood out in a positive way. I’d catch Mike here or there and it’s a little hit-and-miss, but when he’s on — he’s on fire.

Then just this week I land on three other incredibly unique and competent, pro-Trump panelists: Clifford May, Ed Martin and Brunell Donald-Kyei.

About me, if you’re new here: I spend more time and energy yelling at our side for doing a lousy job, than the swamp’s side for constantly attacking us. Simply put: I’m an extremely tough critic when it comes to efficacy in messaging.

And I’ve been waiting for literally years at this point, for some competent voices to come up in aggressive defense of President Trump.

I’d found some effective and intellectually honest voices in a few corners of conservative media (like Mollie Hemingway and Sean Davis). And I’ve found some effective, hard-working and dedicated activists on social media (like Nick Short and Michelle Malkin). But I’d been yet to catch any on CNN.

Now there are straight up four of them. And all due respect to Mike Shields, he’s exponentially more effective than those who came before him — but he’s still a bit pulled back. So much so in fact, that I think he’d embrace that characterization.

He still, most notably, will tell the CNN host and his peer panelists the truth about how their dialogues contribute to a lack of trust in the media. And he does it very effectively.

And while Clifford May, Ed Martin and Brunell Donald-Kyei are all still pretty new to me — each one of them made me practically get out of my seat and cheer at some point.

Keep an eye out for them. Hopefully they don’t go the route of Salena Zito. Poor, poor Salena Zito. When she first got on CNN she was hilarious. She’d be listening to everyone else go through their Trump bashing and she’d literally be sitting there in her own little corner of the screen…rolling her eyes and muttering under her breath haha. It was excellent. Now, just a few short months later — virtually every time Salena is on, she’s going right along with everyone else’s anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome.

So we’ll see with this crop, but so far they’re really good. Kaleigh was strong, but never took it to CNN square on the nose. Same goes for Jack Kingston and Andre Bauer. Jeffrey Lord tried, but he was such a caricature of himself, and he punched way above his weight on the race conversation. (He’s where I was about 7-8 years ago. It’s better than nothing, but you’re asking for trouble if you test drive it in public.) Jason Miller is just an abomination. He’s terrible.

I digress…

Below are a few samples of these new voices that make CNN — I hate to say it — not only worth monitoring, but perhaps at times worth watching as well.

Mike Shields on effects of the media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome…

Clifford May, a collection of his recent comments…

Ed Martin drives literally the entire panel crazy. He unglues them all, one by one. It’s beautiful…

And saving the best for last: The character, clarity and candor of Brunell Donald-Kyei’s message is beautifully disarming and brutally effective…

I know you don’t need me to tell you this, Brunell. But He heard you. And He answered.


If you’re on Twitter and want to follow what they’re saying, just click on their names…

Follow Brunell Donald-Kyei On Twitter

Follow Ed Martin On Twitter

Follow Clifford May On Twitter

Follow Mike Shields On Twitter

UPDATE, 12:57AM ET on 8/24/17: Adding a few more clips of Brunell from tonight, which are just excellent.

She drives them crazy…

Just absolutely crazy…

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