ACLU, ESPN, CNN & Reuters For Trump 2020!

Let the week of August 21, 2017 forever be known as the week that President Trump won his 2020 re-election.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Reuters stepped in it by referring to the notoriously violent AltLeft as “Peace Activists” in a now-deleted tweet…


…for which they were forced to issue a correction…


And as if ESPN’s ninja-like descent in to an SJW-forced fetal position weren’t bad enough…

A maneuver which the laughably liberal and entirely discredited “sports” network fed to Reuters who used it to put up another brick…




And as if CNN’s complete meltdown after President Trump’s Phoenix rally weren’t enough…

…complete with more of their manufactured “fake news”…

As if all that weren’t bad enough, the ACLU had to go ahead and step in it.

First they tweeted a picture of a white infant in an ACLU onesie, which is apparently super racist.


The really hilarious part came next. After the ACLU’s legion of SJW followers called them out for being “RACIST,” their next tweet in response was of…

….wait for it…

a green frog, which the snowflake SJWs also consider to be an offensive symbol of rabid white supremacy!



Requisite sanity…

Of course at this point we had to have a little fun, and explore how else the ACLU could offend their cupcake SJW followers.

Maybe they could end white supremacy with images of world-renowned Donald Trump supporters, Diamond & Silk?

Or how about a random black guy holding a “BLACKS FOR TRUMP” sign at Trump rally with a side of Trump and extra Trump on top? Surely that caliber of diversity and inclusion would be a warm, welcoming, progressive nod to the future we all want. No?

I feel like we’re not quite there yet. Okay. Then how about a Robert E. Lee statue: Surely your SJW followers wouldn’t find anything offensive or divisive about that, right ACLU?

Okay fine. When in doubt, go with what you know. Who doesn’t love Planned Parenthood founder and white supremacy eugenicist Margaret Sanger . . . with a Hitler mustache?

Well I’m all out of ideas. And I feel like we weren’t able to tackle the really big issues together. We tried. Participation Trophies All Around!

All I know for sure is that just a few months after we saw Black Lives Matter protesters shut down Gay Pride parades, the Left’s appetite for eating itself seems to be a long way from satiated. And the media’s reputation as “Fake News” is sustaining in a big way as their “news” looks and sounds a lot more like SJW-inspired Democrat propaganda.

If it weren’t for the actual division, disparity and destruction that these SJWs and the media create all across our country — I’d say this is all reason to celebrate. But alas, other than a moment of levity here and there to laugh at the clearly-unhinged Left, we have serious work to do. So back at it…

Big hat tip to @NewYearsDani who first caught the hilarious ACLU snafu…


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