Violent Alt Left: The ‘Peaceful In Boston’ Edition [VIDEO]

Saturday in Boston, two rallies occurred: One that rejected racism and promoted free speech, and another that rejected free speech and promoted violence. See if you can guess who’s who…

All of this violence has been protected and promoted by every person who attacked President Trump this past week.

CNN spent all day calling this “mostly peaceful,” and celebrating the so-called counter-protesters. Every anchor and guest for 6 straight hours praised the counter-protesters as people who are just there to oppose hate, bigotry and violence. CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield literally described the Left’s presence as being about “Peace and love.” Yes. Really. See for yourself. It’s teed up right here…

What was once simple bias by Democrat propagandists like Jake Tapper and Chuck Todd, has become explicitly dangerous. Rather than report on now-normalized Leftist violence, the media inspire more of it by persistently propagandizing against President Trump. Rather than expose Democrats for manufacturing racism and disparity, the media helps manufacture more of each by falsely blaming the GOP for both. Everything the Democrats and media say they’re fighting to end — disparity, violence, racism, hate — they are making worse. And the really appalling part is that now there are several establishment Republicans who are helping them.

Once-principled Republicans like John Kasich, John McCain, Marco Rubio and Stephen Hayes are all helping the Democrats and media promote violence, denounce free speech, create racism, exacerbate disparity and inspire hate. All because President Trump is a threat to their dirty swamp. But we’ve got bad news for the media, Democrats and establishment GOP: Threatening your dirty swamp is exactly why we made Trump the President.

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