McCain & Rubio: Swamp Over Country

Republican swamp monsters and swamp bottom-feeders have abandoned any semblance of principle they once had, just so they can attack President Trump.

It started with John ‘Obamacare’ McCain…

This is flagrant intellectual dishonesty. At no point did President Trump assert any such equivalency. Quite the opposite, he explicitly and repeatedly condemned hate and bigotry. He condemned all violence. He also said not every person who wants the statues to remain, is a bad person. He also condemned all white supremacists. These are all true statements. But in his zeal to destroy President Trump, John McCain abandons all principle. He lies.

Next was Mitt Romney…

Here, Mitt Romney is implying that President Trump said Nazis are the same as people who oppose racism and bigotry.

Did you catch that? I mean did you really catch it?

Mitt Romney is implying that President Trump said Nazis are the same as people who oppose racism and bigotry.

President Trump never said anything even remotely close to that. He never implied it. He never intimated it. It never happened. This is Romney, like McCain, telling a flagrant lie. The President condemned racists. Explicitly. All of them. His comment about “very fine people” was in reference to others who want the statues to remain, and who are not racists. This is why he used the qualifying words “Other than.” Sorry, Mitt. Words matter.


Let’s get to the logical conclusion: For these anti-Trump forces to be right, it would have to mean that President Trump was actually trying to argue that there are some very fine Nazis.

That. Is. Insane.

Marco Rubio’s response (shown below) was markedly less egregious because he didn’t actually lie about or mischaracterize President Trump’s comments.


President Trump and the rest of us agree with almost all of this, with one enormous distinction. Despite what Rubio claims: Violence is never the answer to speech, even if that speech is racist.

And frankly, while Rubio will likely be named CNN’s “Hero Of The Week” for having done so, it doesn’t take much courage to denounce racism. We all know racism is evil. We all know racism is wrong.

Defending free speech even when it’s not popular, that takes courage.

But as of about one week ago, people like McCain and Rubio are now on record as hating racism more than they love free speech. And while that might sound okay or even righteous, it’s actually very dangerous because in the USA, the best weapon against racist speech isn’t violence — but more speech. And lots of it.

We expect Democrat propagandists like Jake Tapper and Bernie Sanders to abandon their principles just so they can attack President Trump, but it’s far more unsettling when so many on the Right are so casually doing the same.

He never said that. He never said “who marched alongside white supremacists.” He said “there,” which is far more ambiguous. To the intellectually honest, “there” means among the debate going on over tearing down statues and monuments. And that debate has been happening in Charlottesville long before being overshadowed by racists. And that debate is happening in many other parts of our nation. And the media wants to paint all people who want statues to remain, as bad people. And that’s unfair. And untrue. And by deflecting from that lie just so he can hurt President Trump, Stephen Hayes is reinforcing the divisive lie. And he’s forgoing free speech. And he’s both absolving and promoting Leftist violence. But sadly this doesn’t come as much of a shock because Stephen Hayes, like his #NeverTrump pals, is an utter disgrace at this point. He’s long-since abandoned any semblance of principle. He’s shown the world very clearly just how dependent he is on the swamp, and how useless he is in the fight to mitigate Leftism and elevate Liberty.

Not only are these GOP swamp monsters and bottom-feeders lying. Not only are they abandoning their once-thoughtful and principled support of free speech. But they’re also working alongside the media and Democrats to 1) Absolve the Left’s violence, and 2) Create division in our nation.

1). We’ve all seen the Left becoming increasingly violent. Every week there’s a new video of some violent Leftist mob attacking people or property. But it gets almost no media coverage. Instead, the media focus all of their energy on inspiring hatred of Trump and any who support him. So rather than hold the violent Left accountable, the media instead focus on recruiting for them by stoking their hate and fear. It’s a vicious cycle that should be called out, but is instead validated by lazy swamp monsters like McCain and Rubio.

2). In terms of creating division: I wrote recently that Democrats thrive off of and thus create racism, hate and destruction. So when GOP swamp monsters go along with the lies about President Trump, they empower the Left and are complicit in creating division in our nation. Forget about the fact that they’re literally lying to the world and saying that President Trump supports racists. That’s small ball. Far more destructively, they’re empowering Democrats who worked long before Trump to divide our nation — and will keep working long after Trump to divide our nation.

They’ll always work to paint Republicans as racist, and to absolve Leftist violence, and to divide our nation so they can politically profit off of the ensuing destruction. They’ll always work toward those goals. But thanks to John Mcain, and Marco Rubio, and Stephen Hayes, and Lindsey Graham and Brendan Buck and John Kasich and Erick Erickson and Jonah Goldberg and Jeff Flake and Ben Shapiro and Amanda Carpenter and Ana Navarro and Alice Stewart and Guy Benson and Katie Pavlich and John Podhoretz and Stuart Stephens and Jeb Bush and so many other swamp monsters and bottom-feeders…they won’t have to work nearly as hard.

These swamp monsters and bottom-feeders have shown the danger of virtue-signaling. They have permanently etched their names in history as people who support violence as a response to speech. They virtue-signaled way too hard, without thinking. What’s more, they not only absolved Leftist violence but actually validated and encouraged more of it. And they also empowered the Left and Democrats who inspire more division and hate in a single day, than the idiot white supremacists ever could in their combined idiot lifetimes. And they did it all because President Trump is a threat to their DC+MSM swamp. They did it because they put swamp over country. I disagree. I say “America First.” And I’m proud to support a President who not only condemns all racism and hate — but also maintains the courage to defend free speech, and the clarity to denounce all violence.


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