CNN: ‘Remove All George Washington Statues’ [VIDEO]

Thursday on CNN, contributor Angela Rye said that she wants monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson torn down.

Things got heated as visibly stunned host Kate Bolduan, and co-NeverTrump-panelists John Avlon and Amanda Carpenter, listened to Rye prove President Trump right.

Avlon, who pretends to be a neutral purveyor (he’s not) of real news (it’s not), was less concerned about Rye’s grievance — and more concerned about how her saying so out loud might help President Trump.


We’ve all watched on this entire week as the proverbial swamp (Democrats, establishment GOP and mainstream media) work together to paint President Trump as a racist. We know they’re lying about what President Trump did and did not say. We know they’re creating partisan characterizations that sound more like Democrat propaganda than anything close to real news and/or Republican values.

But also critical though less explored, is that their argument rests on the idea that it’s okay to respond to speech with violence, as long as the person being violently attacked is a racist.

They’re wrong.

That’s just not how free speech works.

What’s more, President Trump has been 100% correct on every point…

  • Not every person who thinks historic monuments should be preserved, is a Nazi.
  • And some people who think historic monuments should be preserved, are very fine people.
  • All Nazis are bad people who should be, and rightly are, condemned.
  • There is violence on both sides. And none of it is okay. And all of it should be condemned.
  • Leftist violence is becoming normalized across the nation, in large part because the media refuses to substantively report and/or focus on it.
  • When they’re done in the south, the Left will start demanding that memorials to our nation’s founding fathers come down.
  • This entire episode is being fueled by the fake news media, which needs a new narrative to attack Trump’s Presidency because their Russia narrative has entirely collapsed.

What’s particularly troubling to see at this point is how easily the Democrats, mainstream media and especially establishment Republicans will abandon their principles just to attack President Trump.

They have all spent this entire week defending violence that’s committed by the Alt Left. None of them have at any point asked or cared about who threw the first punch. Their argument is that if there are any racists at the scene of violence, then the racists are automatically to blame.

Again, while we abhor racism, that’s simply not how free speech works.

And if Republicans like John McCain, Marco Rubio, Ana Navarro and Lindsey Graham weren’t so busy expressing submission to their mainstream media captors — then they’d find ways to articulate the reality: In 2017, Democrats fuel racism and violence more than anyone else — because they thrive off of each. And that’s not okay.

But the only person even eluding to that reality is President Trump, and for his courage in calling out all hatred and violence — he’s being attacked by weak establishment Republicans who support the swamp over the country.

It’s extremely painful to watch, but no one said draining the swamp or making America great again was going to be easy.

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