Democrats Create Racism Because They Thrive Off Of It

Not only do racism and bigotry still exist in the United States, but they’re growing and even being celebrated. On both sides. And while it’s easy to explain and condemn the highly-recognizable racism of white supremacists, exposing the Left’s role in inspiring hatred and bigotry is far more challenging. That’s probably why most haven’t seen it yet, and those who do see it struggle to fully articulate it. But history will note that Democrats in 2017 are the same party of segregation and [metaphoric] slavery that they were in 1863 and 1964. And in a nation once eagerly realizing Dr. King’s dream that we judge by character rather than color, Democrats today demand we focus on color. They actually inspire brand new racism, on both sides, that wasn’t there yesterday.

The Democrat party actually thrives off of division, disparity and even destruction. Their platform is largely predicated on identity-based grievance, and their appreciation for capitalizing on good crises is well-documented. So while conservatives often lament the history of Democrats’ racism, the breaking news on it is far more critical.


At the top of the list is Democrats’ continued penchant for segregation. They claim to be the party of unity, but they do so while relegating otherwise powerful individuals in to assigned groups wherein they’re to assume perpetual grievance. They effectively say, “Now that we’re all united under one tent, you’ll notice that there are assigned sections for blacks, Hispanics, women, gays and Muslims. As quickly and angrily as possible, please segregate yourselves to your assigned areas where we’ll help reinforce all the ways that your identity precludes your individuality.” Democrats tell these otherwise powerful individuals that they’re not actually individuals. “You may be John Smith, but before that, you’re a black man in America. And you can’t get a fair shake. And Republicans are why. But don’t worry. We’re going to fix it. You just stay there, paralyzed by grievance and angry at our entire nation, and vote for us, and we’ll take care of it.” They do the same with every other group they can segregate by identity. And it often works, because grievance is a very powerful aphrodisiac.

But just in case the obvious eludes you: There are plenty of happy, liberty-rich, unaggrieved Americans who happen to also be black, Hispanic, gay, woman and/or Muslim. They’re called Republicans, and they typically see themselves as Americans before anything else.

Those seduced by the Democrats’ insistence that they’re victims and thus need special treatment, can’t say that. They are defined by their identity before their individuality. And the Democrat party is empowered by this. In 1964 the Democrats were empowered by segregation because it spoke to their racist base. In 2017 the Democrats are empowered by segregation because it creates large groups of people that they can control and make dependent.


When the Democrats segregate people by identity and assign them perpetual grievance, they crush their liberty. How is a young black man who is raised to believe that so-called “whiteness” will ensure he’ll never get a fair shot in America, ever supposed to put both feet on the ground in the morning with a healthy sense of liberty that deems him capable of setting and reaching for his dreams?

“But black people in America don’t get a fair shot,” many Democrats will say. Okay. So let’s discuss black Americans’ disparities…

The single greatest driver of disparity in America is broken homes. It’s empirically proven and logically simple: When it comes to raising kids, two are better than one. When it comes to inspiring hope in children and instilling accountability in them as they become adults, there is no replacement for the love of a lead-by-example, two-parent home wherein mom and dad honor their commitments to each other and their family even and especially in the face of adversity. But the Left in 2017 dismiss this entirely. The Obama-era CDC even commissioned a study on “fatherhood involvement” that’s used by many on the Left to a) dismiss the idea that broken homes create disparity, so that they can instead b) perpetuate the myth that “RACISM!” is the reason that so many Americans who happen to be black endure disproportionate disparity. I unpack this a bit more in previous posts that you can read here and here, but ultimately: Yes Americans who happen to be black do endure disproportionate disparity. And those disparities can be tracked in a specific order: Disparity in broken homes leads to disparity in education, which leads to disparity in income, which leads to disparity in crime. But in order to manufacture grievance among blacks, the Democrats who segregate them insist that none of that is actually true — and that instead it’s just “RACISM!” that keeps Americans who happen to be black from meeting their full potential. What’s more, if you look at income levels in the US then you’ll see that Americans who happen to be Asian out-perform everyone. And they are also the group with the fewest instances of broken homes. Whites are next. Then Hispanics. Then blacks. Across the board, proportions of broken homes track perfectly with proportions of income and absence of disparity. It’s just not all that complicated.

Still, while claiming to be the party of math and science, and purporting a foremost goal of mitigating disparities for black people, the Democrats ignore and/or reject all of this simple logic. Why? Because after segregating people, their next objective is to actually create disparity; conditions where people become dependent and easier to control. And the grievance that Democrats create and assign to people becomes like a shackle on those individuals, crippling an ability to use liberty in their lives to pursue their happiness.

The Democrats and Left do the same to Hispanics, gays, women and Muslims. Do they do it because they’re evil people who hate freedom? No. In order to defeat opposition one must understand opposition, so it’s important to note that most up and down the Left’s hierarchy are in fact well-intended. Beset by bigoted sympathy, those at the grassroots level truly do believe they’re actually helping people. Meanwhile, those at the top of the Democrat party believe the ends justify the means. And in this conversation the “ends” are creating a bigger government that more equitably redistributes resources, which can be achieved despite the “means” of manufacturing division, disparity and destruction to create reliable and angry voters.


In plain sight, the Democrats in 2017 say that it’s racist to ask for ID because the person you ask might be black. The implication is that getting and keeping an ID may be too difficult for black people. The Left will say “No we’re arguing that disparity among blacks makes getting an ID harder for them,” but it has shades of “Don’t let them read” written all over it. It’s an obvious example of the Left manufacturing grievance to shackle those they segregate. We’re talking about getting an ID here. And I aggressively reject the Left’s bigoted implication that being black somehow makes that simple task too difficult.

In plain sight, the Democrats in 2017 say it’s racist to uphold our immigration laws because the person breaking those laws might be Hispanic. The implication is that Hispanics lack the honesty and/or integrity to immigrate legally, and so they need a pass. The Left will say “No we’re arguing that these are desperate people who deserve a break,” but they’re ultimately lowering the bar for people based on ethnicity in an obvious benefits-for-loyalty scheme. They’re crushing liberty and crippling people with manufactured grievance and entitlement to lawlessness. And I aggressively reject the Democrats’ bigoted implication that Hispanics lack the capacity to obey our immigration laws.

In plain sight, the Democrats in 2017 use “white” as pejorative while describing “whiteness” as a disease that needs to be eradicated. They do this while celebrating black and/or Hispanic pride as a progressive leap forward. I’m going to say this as simply as possible so hopefully everyone will understand: If you judge yourself or others based on race or ethnicity, then you’re a bigot.

Again: It’s just not that complicated.

In plain sight, the Democrats in 2017 effectively say that all white people — whether they admit or realize it or not — are racist. That the assertion itself is the epitome of racism, seems to escape them.

In plain sight, the Democrats in 2017 actually promote and even demand laser focus on race, ethnicity etc. They claim that it’s a moral good to lament “whiteness” while promoting black/Hispanic/female any and all other identity supremacy. If you tell a Leftist that you judge character rather than skin color (or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc) — then they’ll tell you that that makes you a racist, and that you need to evolve. They claim that in order to mitigate disparity and unite people, we must all focus like a laser on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, etc. This is of course the antithesis of what Martin Luther King Jr. taught. Born in 1977, I was raised to judge character while ignoring color. But 40 years later the Democrats tell me in plain sight that that makes me a racist.

In plain sight, the Democrats in 2017 demand and often get apologies from anyone who dares to say “All Lives Matter.” They do this because they claim the statement is offensive to those who say “Black Lives Matter.” Again, very slowly: You’re not a serious person if you honestly believe that “black lives matter” needs to be stipulated at the front end of a conversation, and I thus lose no sleep over an inability to engage in progress-minded dialogue with you. The entire BLM movement is a product of Democrats’ manufactured grievance designed to metaphorically shackle those they segregate. It’s born out of the myth that disparities in broken homes, education and income — do not result in disparity with respect to crime and the ensuing interactions with law enforcement.

And this nets yet another example of the Democrats’ intellectually dishonest arguments actually worsening all the problems they purport to combat. By ignoring the pre-crime statistics and instead shouting “RACIST!”, the Democrats and BLM movement hobble our nation with three highly destructive consequences…

1) The root problem (broken homes) gets worse, because they ignore and/or otherwise dismiss it

2) The surface problems (disparity in income, education, crime, police interaction) get worse, because they misappropriate blame for it

3) The universal problem (racism and disparity) gets worse, because they tell brown people that their skin color merits pity while telling white people that their skin color merits scorn.

Well-intended or not, these are just some of the ways that Democrats in 2017 inspire division and use segregation and metaphoric slavery to retain and gain power. These are just some of the ways that they thrive off of and thus create division, disparity and destruction. And these are just some of the ways that they actually inspire exponentially more hatred and racism on both sides than they’ll ever mitigate.


Supported by the media and academia, Democrats have actually made hatred and bigotry mainstream. And they’ve done it all in the name of “social justice.” They’re teaching minorities to hate white people, and in turn they’re teaching white people to hate minorities back. Have there always been strains of race supremacists on the fringes of modern American life? Of course. Will there always be? As long as our nation still has the First Amendment, then while unfortunate the answer is likely “Yes.” But many of the white supremacists we see emerging today have only recently been seduced by hatred. As the left celebrate black and brown pride while using “white” as a pejorative, it’s unsurprising to see white people push back on that narrative. And while the vast majority push back with Dr. King’s assertion that character precludes color, plenty of others are pushing back with less thoughtful frustration: “If you say that black and brown people should be proud, but I as a white person should be met with scorn and knock myself down a few pegs — then I say the opposite: I say white people are great, and it’s the black and brown people who are the problem.”

And that is exactly what the Democrats want and need. It’s what they have at least peripherally been working toward for decades. Anyone who has spent any time on line in the last several years has seen the emergence of the “Diversity is code for white genocide” garbage. Well — I noted earlier in this post that grievance is a very powerful aphrodisiac, and it works just as well in recruiting angry, hate-filled white supremacists as it does in recruiting perpetually-aggrieved, liberty-deprived perma victims. But this modern effort to recruit new white supremacists would not be nearly as effective were it not for Democrats who in 2017 work diligently to create division, disparity and destruction because they thrive off of each. They are inciting and inspiring racial resentment. Without disparity and destruction, the Democrats wouldn’t even have a party. And so if they need to create both in order to grow their party, as evidenced so often in plain sight today, they gladly will.

What the idiots seduced by white supremacy obviously don’t realize, is that they’re playing directly in to the hands of the Democrats.

There is no imminent race war. There is only the immediate social and cultural war that pits big government versus individual liberty. It has nothing to do with race. Still, the Right has and continues to lose that war badly thanks to establishment inbreeding and the intellectual apathy that follows. Frankly, we’ve spent decades now drowning in professional conservatism’s swamp.

Those who love freedom and Liberty, and who believe that character precludes color, need to start getting their minds around some of this. And those newly-recruited white supremacists who think they’re doing something noble, need to be told in explicit terms that they’re not. Their hatred and racism is easy for all who oppose it to identify and reject, but condemnation of it falls on deaf ears among their faithful — because most of them are blinded by their small-minded rage. Impressing upon them that they’re only exacerbating the anti-white sentiments that they think they’re combating, is a far more complicated endeavor. Just like impressing upon antifa that their nearly-normalized violent tactics only inspire more of what they purport to combat, is also a far more complicated endeavor. And impressing all of that upon the rest of the nation, the overwhelming majority of which reject all extreme fringes, is also a far more complicated endeavor — especially when the media, Democrats and establishment GOP all lack the courage and clarity to provide any assistance. And I think President Trump’s recent remarks are a reflection of his understanding and having the courage to lean into all of these things, despite not yet having completed the intellectual journey in articulating it.

There are definitely some bad people on both sides. And virtue-signaling against just one, destructively absolves the other.

Getting the message packaged and delivered will no doubt take time. But as noted initially, even if those on the Right can’t or won’t today, I have no doubt that history — if intellectually honest and not corrupted by bias — will uncover and articulate the reality. As is so often the case, it’s very easy for the Democrats to say “Giving is good” and “Social justice rocks!” And both are certainly true. But the merits of individual liberty, which are often sacrificed amid the Democrats’ simple social platitudes, are far more difficult to communicate. And inspired foremost by mitigating identity-based division that I see well-intended Democrats exacerbate en route to their more socialistic goals, this is my best first effort to do so with ideas that I just don’t hear others on the Right yet even try to articulate.

So what the GOP can “do for” black people, Hispanics, gays, women and/or Muslims — is to start calling out division-hungry Democrats who insist that what they are trumps who they are.


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