CNN Is A Factory Of Hackery: The ‘Reams Of Evidence’ Edition

Having been caught asserting intellectual honesty on CNN’s airwaves, correspondent Elise Labott sought to make up for the transgression by defending her intellectually dishonest peers.

The exchange as it occurred, below…

Elise took exception to my observation, and the exchange ensued…

So here you go, Elise. These are just from my own personal accounting…

Let’s start with Lyin’ Brian Stelter, who — as CNN’s alleged media watchdog and arbiter of media fairness — has proven repeatedly he’s anything but.

In this post, called “Four Examples of MSM Bias & Fake News,” three of the examples are from CNN.

Want to see how CNN’s finest use Twitter to manufacture fake news? Check out Jeff Zeleny’s prominent placement in this post about MSM Using Fake News To Damage POTUS.

And who could forget all of those hoax hate crimes that Tapper and the rest at CNN report on breathlessly, thereby inspiring Leftist loons like James T. Hodgkinson — only to ignore the real news that surfaces later (that the “hate crimes” were in fact hoaxes) because it hurts CNN’s casual nod to anti-Trump hate and protectionism of Leftist violence.

Watch the CNN Panel Vs. EPA Chief On Climate Change, wherein several of CNN’s finest nearly throw their backs out contorting to create fake news.

Here’s a fun one of Brooke Baldwin getting a little emotional in her anti-Trump zeal.

Poor John Berman, despite repeated attempts, was unable to find any support while manufacturing this desperately anti-Trump narrative.

Watch Alisyn Camerota shine in her role of a lifetime: “This Is CNN: Experienced Host Browbeats Trump Voters.”

It really looked like Kate Bolduan was going to physically assault this man for daring to challenge the CNN narrative.

After spending days demanding that President Trump take action on Syria, the fake news hacks at CNN found every reason they could to fault him for doing so.

In an effort to make sure everyone knows how much he hates Donald Trump, CNN’s Jake Tapper spent an entire Saturday morning exploiting the POWs he so ardently claims to revere.

Shorter Don Lemon: ‘All Blacks Think Alike & I Speak For Them.’

Here we see a CNN BFF from Politico use their airwaves to accidentally reveal that the media truly is the opposition party to President Trump’s GOP.

Have you ever seen Jake Tapper do a hard-hitting interview with a Democrat? Me neither. Here he spends about 10 minutes giving Chuck Schumer nice, wet kisses.

Spoiled brat Kate Bolduan really needs to work on at least pretending she’s not a biased hack. Watch as she again comes within inches of physically assaulting a guest for challenging CNN’s persistently anti-Trump narratives and characterizations.

Watch and enjoy as delusional John Berman clutches his pearls over the prospect of “normalizing” President Trump.

Not that your CNN peers would let this interfere with their breathless anti-Trump hackery, but watch Democrat Nina Turner tell your network that no one cares about your damn Russia story.

To racist Don Lemon, “white” is a pejorative.

We’re still waiting for CNN to claim responsibility for the assassination attempts at the GOP baseball practice.

Did your CNN peers actually broadcast and then tacitly approve of justification for radical Islamic terrorism? Yes. Yes they did. Watch.

CNN throughout the day and night of the GA-06 special election was a special kind of hackery. This easily could’ve been when they went from “Fake News” to “Very Fake News.”

Twitter has a built-in lie detector test, and it can be used to expose several of CNN’s finest as total frauds.

Let’s talk CNN’s repeated efforts to cook up and then unsuccessfully make palatable their endless buffet of nothingburgers.

When Democrats come on CNN, it doesn’t matter how unhinged they get: CNN hacks like Kate Bolduan are just going to smile and nod.

I can’t always stop to do a blog post when CNN is terrible. Sometimes I only have time for a tweet. So here’s one blog post with 16 examples I captured on Twitter of CNN being terrible.

The best part about this July poll that blew up CNN’s Russia derangement syndrome, was how they had to conduct a new one a few weeks later with “better” wording to try to recover from it. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.

Let’s take a few from my Daily Caller library…

That time Senator Bill Cassidy proved that Chris Cuomo is a hack.

That time things didn’t go so well for Van Jones.

That time Anderson Cooper did a backflip to prove that CNN’s “news” is hackery.

Another morning at CNN, another example of Cuomo showing off that quintessential CNN hackery.

Don Lemon shows up to work every day drunk on anti-Trump kool-aid, and this guest called him out for it.

CNN’s hackery and hypocrisy called out by Matt Lewis, live on CNN’s air.

Posterboy for fake news, Jake Tapper, gets his cyber butt kicked on social media after his clearly personal attacks on Ivanka Trump.

When a New York Times reporter has to tell you you’re a biased hack, then you’re probably a biased hack. We’re looking at you, CNN.

Just because CNN won’t disclose that Jim Sciutto was an Obama political appointee, doesn’t mean that guests won’t point out his inability to even feign neutrality.

Bad day for CNN when Alan Dershowitz used Jeffrey Toobin to explain in legal terms why CNN is a factory of hackery.

Remember that time CNN went after Sheriff David Clarke by playing a series of clips that virtually everyone on in the country, except for CNN’s literally tens of viewers, loved? I do.

Or how about that time that CNN literally fabricated data to put its network in a positive light and attack Fox News? We’re still waiting on an appropriate apology/retraction for this one.

Whose nephew is Don Lemon that he actually has a job at CNN? Because there’s no way this purveyor of hackery is there in light of his “merits.” He literally has none.

When we say “CNN is literally ISIS,” we’re often referencing items like this — when Kate Bolduan said violence is just “Democracy in action.”

Speaking of “CNN is ISIS.”

How about that time that Don Lemon admitted he doesn’t report honestly/fairly, because it would take too long?

It’s just what your hack peers do, Elise…

Of course every now and then, one of you manages to get something a little bit right. Not unlike you — however accidentally — did today, Elise.

And of course the inbred DC+MSM establishment GOP #NeverTrump grifters all love CNN…

But the fact remains…

Still not convinced? Well here are 207 (and counting) facts from Twitter’s Senior #VeryFakeNewsCNN Accountant, @KazeSkyz, exposing CNN’s hackery. Just click the post marked “fact 1” and then scroll to see all 207 (and counting).

An honorable mention for levity with regard to CNN’s hackery and fake news…

UPDATE: I compiled this mountain of evidence that CNN is a factory of hackery, because CNN’s Elise Labott challenged me to. Surprising exactly no one — she must have known she was about to get made a fool of, because she blocked me before I could even respond.

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